Carnivore Diet Health Benefits

Carnivore Diet Health Benefits

Carnivore Diet Health Benefits

Carnivore Diet Articles

The most frequently encountered questions and situations brought to you as excerpts from Dr. Shawn Baker’s book, The Carnivore Diet. Whether you are a novice or are seasoned and gearing to change up your carnivore journey, here are some highlights on what to expect.

A Healthier You

For those starting off on a meat-based diet, here are some tips to help with decision-making in your strategies.

For the New Carnivore

The transition period is a stressful time on your physiology. What to expect and how to handle any issues.


Carnivore FAQ

All you need to know to be equipped to go out into the world that challenges our way of eating.

Carnivore Diet Videos

The carnivore diet means getting your nutritional needs met through animal products. Most people either fully eliminate plant foods or greatly reduce them. Once your health is better you may continue on the diet or carefully reintroduce various plants that are well-tolerated. All videos >

Weight Loss

The main reason most people start to eat a carnivore diet is that they want to lose weight. People often relate that they experiment with a lot of different diets and lifestyles but nothing works, at least not for more than a few months. This is simply not sustainable.

People find the carnivore diet simple and sustainable and therefore achieve success where they have failed even with keto. It is a lifestyle more than a diet as you enjoy satiating food and do not need to count macros or calories or go hungry and be constantly thinking about food. Here you’ll find everything you need to begin your journey.

Lose Weight! (or not)

Trouble losing weight? Or do you desire to lose faster than you have?

Weight Loss Guides

Here you’ll find our guides on how to lose weight.

Weight Loss Stories

Get inspired and motivated by reading stories of people that lost weight on a carnivore diet.

Weight Loss Videos

Our top videos that will provide you with the inspiration and knowledge you need to lose weight. All videos >


Insulin release is associated with eating carbohydrates; hence, diabetes can be managed by a carnivore diet. Here you have access to all the information to be inspired to succeed.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes or do you currently have it? Find out how the carnivore diet can help you normalize blood glucose without meds or going hungry.

Fasting With Diabetes

Members of the carnivore community report that . Learn how to control blood glucose levels in a safe and healthy way on the carnivore diet by reducing the amount of carbohydrates.

Diabetes Videos

The mainstream narrative is that diabetes is a slowly progressing disease. It doesn’t have to be that way. All videos >

Mental Health

We have no doubts that a carnivore diet can have a significant impact on weight loss and diabetes. And how about mental health and brain function – can a change of diet affect these?

Meat As The Ultimate Superfood

The brain is an organ as any other and eating an animal-based diet can improve a number of health conditions. Could the carnivore diet benefit the brain as well?

Getting Off Psych Meds?

Is it possible to get off psych meds by going on a carnivore diet? Experience suggests it might be. Watch James describe his experience before and after the carnivore diet.

Meat & Autism

How can the carnivore diet help improve autism symptoms? Find out from our success stories.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses are at epidemic proportions and affecting all Western societies.

Personality Disorders

Find out how Sade has been managing her borderline personality disorder symptoms.

Sugar Addiction

Do you need motivation to drop that sugar? Then why not binge on our interviews with experts and success stories in this area? All videos >

Other Health Guides


Will the carnivore diet give me gout?

Gall Bladder

Can I implement the carnivore diet without a gall bladder?


Will the carnivore diet shut down my kidneys?

Red Meat Is Good For You

How red meat is a health food.

Cholesterol Videos

Are you worried about your cholesterol on the carnivore diet? Learn more about the latest science and the nuances by watching our expert guest interviews. All videos >
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