Carnivore Diet Video Guides

Are you new to the carnivore diet? Do you find yourself overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are a seasoned carnivore looking for a deeper understanding or a healthcare professional who wants information on how to incorporate the carnivore diet into your practice?

We provide guides from Dr. Shawn Baker and hope that, whatever your background and your goals, we have the guide for you. All content is available to our members. A wealth of information awaits you!

We have compiled our guides into the main groups below. Please also refer to the alphabetical list of guides we provide at the end of the page.

Get Started On The Carnivore Diet

Get Started On the Carnivore Diet

Weight Loss and Get Shredded Guides

Weight Loss and get shredded guides

Developed by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, this is a video guide with topics including diet and nutrition, refeed, calorie deficit, fat cycling, diet plan, conditioning, resistance and strength training, exercise plan, muscle retention, sleep, how to manage hunger and appetite, psychology of success, recovery, maintenance, and much more.

Fasting Guide

Fasting Guides

Developed by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, this is a video guide with topics including how to get started on fasting, how to transition, food list, meal plan, shopping list, low carb recipes, weight loss, electrolytes, common questions, and much more.

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