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Hundreds of delicious carnivore recipes and meals.

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Miss eating pizza or pasta? Learn how to make a healthy version! See hundreds of recipes for foods and snacks categorized by ingredients and food allergies.

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Thousands of people have reduced or reversed symptoms of diabetes, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, skin conditions, joint pain, fatigue, inflammation, and much more.

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Thousands of research articles support a low carb meat based diet, and demonstrate that eating meat is essential for health, and plants can have harmful effects on the body.

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A Zero-Carb Meat-Based elimination diet

The Carnivore diet

By eliminating problematic foods from your diet that are causing inflammation, insulin resistance, bloating, etc, people have reported reversing many chronic diseases

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We have daily, weekly, and monthly meetings including daily social meetings, women’s health, diabetes, depression, eating disorders, heart health, and more. 

These meetings are hosted by our coaches on a volunteer basis to support the members and inspire them to thrive on their health journey.

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By the popular demand

upcoming VIP Guest meetings hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker

Previous guests include Mikhaila Peterson, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Benjamin Bikman, Dr. Paul Saladino, Nina Teicholz, and more.

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20 topics including How to get started on the diet, How to transition to the diet, Food list, Meal plan, Shopping list, Recipes, Weight loss, Weight gain, Athletes guide, Electrolytes, Oxalates, Common questions, and much more.

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20 topics including How to get started on fasting, How to transition, Food list, Meal plan, Shopping list, Low Carb Recipes, Weight loss, Electrolytes, Common questions, and much more.

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Nutrition, Refeed, Calorie deficit, Fat cycling, Diet Plan, Conditioning, Resistance, and Strength Training, Exercise Plan, Muscle Retention, Sleep, Managing Hunger and appetite, Psychology of success, Recovery, Maintenance, an more.

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