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New shopping habits to thrive by coach Kiki F

Shopping is Not What It Used to Be

For many of us shopping and grocery shopping have changed a great deal since our childhood. Growing up in London and New York City, my family mostly shopped at small old fashioned proprietor owned shops, like the butcher, the green grocer, a bakery. Additionally we might visit specialty shops specific to a country or culture like an Indian, Asian, Greek or Polish shop where we bought traditionally specific foods and delicacies of those cultures. And of course there were cheese shops, bagel shops, donut shops and delicatessens. 

I’ve always enjoyed shopping this way, going to each specialty shop for specific needs. Very often the foods came from behind the counter in a brown bag or a paper wrapper with no labels or brand names. When I was a kid in London in the mid 1970s, fruits and vegetables were never wrapped in anything (unless they were fragile and high priced like a rare taste of Belgian asparagus or Italian peaches then they were wrapped in plain paper) – the vendor removed the produce from the scale and placed them in the mesh produce bag that each shopper carried to the market. Even in those days – in contrast to the USA – grocery chains did not supply free grocery bags, a plastic bag cost a few pence and the responsible homemaker (from what I observed) did not buy these but rather carried her own bags just as we popularly do today. 

When I was grade school aged and even through my high school years, large grocery stores were still quite small. There were not gargantuan sized boxes and oversized packaging, no 1/2 gallon sized containers of mayonnaise or 2 litre bottles of soda.

Shopping was simpler, more enjoyable, quite old fashioned, and uncomplicated.

Besides where would we store such giant containers or multi-packs of food? Our one car garage was old and just barely fit our one car. There were no mega development homes with 3 to 5 car garages or large kitchens with center islands and dozens of cupboards. Everything was simpler and smaller. And the most important family food – milk, was delivered to the home and left in a cooler box outside the back door or along the hall. In the UK there was no cooler box, daily milk was delivered and even drunk at room temperature. 

Shopper Beware

Grocery shopping today is a whole other experience. Most grocery stores are super-sized behemoths with endless rows of packaged and manufactured foods and seeming miles of shelf space and an enormous amount of brands, sizes, and choices. These super stores – though they may seem to save time with the opportunity to shop all of our home needs in one store – they really exist to market as many products to the shopper as possible. Those towers of sale items, the billboard sized display of Tide boxes, boxed cereals mega-brands and bottled salad dressings, the easy to entice and grab candy bars next to the queue that we brush against and smell, and begin to crave as we wait on the slow check out line – all off these are expertly placed and marketed to get the shopper to buy, buy, buy. To buy more than we want, to buy what we don’t even need, to capitulate from even the strongest mindset and transgress budget, health, and diet. 

The Shopping Drug – A Modern Way to Feel Good 

Roving through massive grocery stores, discount clothing shops, and mall food courts looking and waiting for something to speak to us, to inspire us to eat or purchase in a search of comforting ourselves or treating ourselves with an emotional reward, a boost or a perk is a new way of shopping. Cinnabon Brand counters blast out that irresistible aroma of fresh baked sugary iced buns over the entire mall. If you resisted at one mall, wait until the next visit, or at the airport and there is Cinnabon ready to break your resolve and capture your dollar and undermine your rational. This kind of marketing is just one of many potential snares to buy and eat food we do not want!

You Are Being Targeted

If you are a modern shopper in the giant superstores it is important to know that billion dollar food companies and food marketing companies are engaging shoppers (you) to buy more, and to eat more. It is done persuasively and effectively. Take a look around at the other shoppers and see what it is in their carts, or watch shoppers wander around looking to get their appetites simulated and respond by buying foods with boosted engineered flavours and colours that have already made an impression on the shopper with big ad campaigns they’ve already been exposed to through the media. 

As for going to a giant superstore like Costco where samples are being offered – this is further enticement to taste, swallow, and now to buy foods that are NOT on the shopping list. 

Eye On The Prize

Why am I sharing all this? 

To get you armoured and ready and on a strategic shopping mindset to extricate yourself from all these effective marketing strategies and avoid the minefield of shopping and eating mishaps that are always at the ready to topple the shopper from lofty goals and good self-esteem. I want you to know – if you fall off the wagon, it you buy foods that seem to knock you out of control, it is NOT you! You are not bad, weak, a loser or stuck to never have your health goals. You are like the rat in the scientist’s maze – and great psychological marketing is going to keep you in the maze. But you can get out of the maze – by NEVER going into it! Shopper, keep your eye on the prize and focus to purchase only the nutritious, healing, satisfying super foods of the animal kingdom that make up the Carnivore diet and that will support your success in your health transformation. 

The True Value of Your Time

Superstores are a giant time suck. The travel time to get there, park, shop, stand in line, and the time to get out and finally back home to the enjoyment of preparing my oxtail stew, or grilling a steak and to eating delicious fatty meats to satiety – that’s what I really want to do with my food time. I want to eat food that is delicious and share meal prep and mealtime eating with ease and calm and enjoy mealtime with friends, family or my own quiet mind. 

I hate food shopping in superstores. They are loud, overly bright, hard to navigate, crowded – even traversing the parking lot to park, push a cart, or haul grocery bags is a giant accosting experience. Especially when I only purchase four or five foods over and over again (beef, some other meats, salt, sparkling water, limes). It can take 2 – 4 hours to do this whole trip from start to finish. What a waste of my time! Of YOUR time. 

Consider how often you might say – I don’t have enough time, or I never have any free time, or where did all the time go?

Value your time highly and spend it (time is money after all) in the way that is most meaningful to you and with those that are most meaningful to you.

If you have had a habit of going to the grocery store and doing other shopping often, running to the store every time you need only one or two ingredients, or wandering in stores for some emotional boost or bump – change this now!

Budget Shopping Hours and Stock Up

To really succeed at lifestyle change, and to welcome the great gifts of mental clarity and self esteem that accompany the Carnivore diet, create a shopping plan that is one day a week. Even less if you can manage it.

Now you will have more time for what you love (no more saying I just never have enough time). 

You will also keep to a minimum the time spent in a grocery store with all the potential to buy what you do not need or want. You will strengthen your mind by giving it less opportunities to succumb to powerful food marketing and undesirable internal food messages. You will give yourself the best chance of building and maintaining new habits around Carnivore lifestyle. With the most important outcome of shopping, food choices, food prep and food eating – YOUR renewed health, energised lifestyle, and your optimal mindset and brain function. Happy healthy YOU. Day in and day out. 

Your List

Make a list for all meaty, eggy or cheesy meals – what suits your digestion and health the most – and plan these same meals for every other member of your family! If you have an idea that you are going to eat Carnivore style while the rest of your family eats chips, ice cream, frozen pizzas, and pasta, then your success will be greatly threatened. The longer you stay with a Carnivore diet, you will become a warrior to defend and support your best health BUT until then get all your family on board.
Packaged foods, snack foods are engineered to make us eat them.  Our brains  – when carb-fueled – are unable to limit or restrict carbs – the brain can drive us out of control. Your success is of utmost importance. Every time the dieter feels failure, esteem erodes. Your children or husband or wife does not have different optimal health food needs than you do! The whole human family can eat this way. That is the biggest gift you can give them! Your whole family – even if they do not recognise the necessary health changes that you have, will all be thriving very quickly.

Stock Up

Buy more than enough for a week of meals – do not give yourself a chance to slip because you ran out of burger or bacon and now have to dash to the dangerous superstore while you are hungry! Do NOT restrict meal size! Do not limit  calories. Eat and enjoy.

When you buy all fresh food, be willing to freeze it for a few days if needed. Then thaw as you go. So you always have enough, more than enough, meat to satisfy your hunger, nourish your body and brain and get you feeling happy, focused and vital. And to fill up the kids at home, and other family members. When you cook – make extra. This means you and everyone else can grab a fatty meat snack (leftover bacon or sliced steak) at any time in the day or night. 

An Extra Gift

So now you are shopping only once a week or less. You are laser focused in the store and get only those things that are on YOUR Carnivore plan. The added benefit of this? All that time that you used to spend shopping, now that is free time on your new schedule! So let’s use that time for the things you love to do.  Implement some new projects or activities with YOUR free time. Now that you are Not shopping every other day – fill this new time slot with crafts, reading, DIY house project, volunteer work, a side gig to earn some extra income, a cultural outing, playtime and projects with friends, kids or grandkids. DO the things you never had time to do and prioritise them in your schedule. 

The Best Use of My Time, Mindset and Meals

These past nearly 3 Carnivore years of my new life, I rarely go food shopping. My boyfriend does 95% of the shopping. He has been in the animal protein and organic food biz his entire adult life. For him shopping is also enjoyable research with an opportunity for professional and creative insights.

We both eat in the same way, though he can tolerate more cheese and pork and sour cream than I can (sigh), his bringing those foods home along with our steaks, burger, oxtail and sparkling water does not throw me off plan (in the beginning I would ask him to eat these things in my absence when out on his social outings). These days, I am happy to see him enjoying these foods.

His weekly family gathering of taco Tuesday turned into Steak Tuesday. All of the family approves and digs in to real nutrition. 

I still love exploring a fish market, a local butcher shop and even getting to know the butcher/meat section and the butcher at a giant superstore. 

I always have more than enough food on hand and I never tire of my Carnivore menu. 

The sick person only dreams of one thing – health. Health is truly wealth.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this shopping strategy. Find me at Wednesday’s Meat and Mindset meeting here on MeatRX.

Getting Started On The Carnivore Diet Tips By Coach Kiki F

Ready to commit to a whole new way of eating? Thinking about taking the Carnivore plunge?

If you’ve spent any time on the Revero website, then you’ve read and watched some amazing Carnivore transformations. I can imagine you’re inspired and are hoping and wishing that YOU will be the next great Carnivore Success story, changing your life, and the lives of your whole family.

ONE – Know your WHY

I know this is a common mindset phrase but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Great companies, gold medal winning athletes and award winning pop stars absolutely know WHY they do what they do.

You want to lose weight? WHY? Make a list of 10 reasons – that reflect the outcome of your weight loss and inspire you to make the change MORE than staying where you are or slipping into worse health.

Some examples might be:

  • Dance with your daughter at her wedding and be the perfect partner to let her shine on this big day as well as step up your dance game with some of your moves from back in the day.
  • Throw your medications in the trash.
  • Shock your doctor with your great news and feel on top of the world.  
  • Coach your kid’s soccer team.
  • Take your kids to the ball game and easily climb to the seats all the way at the top of the arena.
  • Make your friends and family take a fresh look and see that you are a winner and you can keep commitments. 

Now I encourage you to make most of your 10 reasons positives. But, like the last example I share, some attitude and “me first” feelings can be very liberating and great drivers of WHY. Even if you are not a sports fan, you might be inspired by Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame. In addition to his gratitude to those who supported him he also thrived by proving people wrong and fighting back at being left out of the spotlight. Jordan had a long list of personal grudges that drove him to greatness in an unparalleled pro-ball playing career and in multiple business successes. ANd he remembers every single one of them! Be present. Take charge and show up for yourself. 

TWO – Non-Scale Victories 

Most people begin a diet to lose weight. On a Carnivore Diet we are healing deeply and getting superior nutrition as we become nutritionally well and have an opportunity to move forward with our life of meaning free from so many daily health challenges and set-backs.

So in addition to the weight number on the scale, what are some other successes (Non-Scale Victories) that you are seeking?

Make a list of 25 Non-Scale Victories. 

Why 25? I am sure you have 25 reasons and it is worth digging deep to uncover them BECAUSE if your weight loss stalls or movs slower than you had planned, you will NOT give up hope or faith, you will not quit or go off plan because you have 25 more transformational reasons to continue! 

Here are some possible areas for non-scale victories:

Rashes, knee pain, back pain, headaches, chemical sensitivities, insomnia, tinnitus, exhaustion, sugar or coffee addiction, moodiness, terrible PMS, low libido, body composition, athleticism, depression, low self-esteem, inflammation, disability, neuropathy, social anxiety.

THREE – Hold the Vision

A powerful meditation is to visualise yourself as you seek to be – a Big Picture overview of your new and healthy life. See yourself wearing the clothes that you love, moving in the way you want to freely move, doing activities or travel you dream to do, enjoying things in your future that you may have given up due to restrictions of poor health. Practice this visual exercise daily and let it be a strong, inspiring and joy-filled exercise that keeps you motivated and on track. Did you ever daydream about winning the lottery? It is very powerful how excited we can get and how energised we can feel spending all that future money. Let your visualisation of this Big Picture Successful You be just as exciting (or even more) than your “I won the lottery” visualisation. 

Top athletes commonly share that the night before a big game or event, they close their eyes and watch themselves play the entire game, seeing each player on their own team or the opposition, acting and playing with strategy, skill and success, and victory. The next day  they go out and play that game just as they had visually prepared. And they win!

So in addition to your Big Picture vision of your new and wonderful healthy life, visualise your day tomorrow, or how the rest of this day will look. See yourself eating all the yummy carnivore food, walking by the cookie tray at the event, climbing stairs without using a hand rail, packing and carrying your own meals and easily eating them in a group or cafeteria. Before you go to the grocery store, rehearse the outing like the Super Bowl athlete, see yourself walking directly to the butcher section, choosing all the meat and meals for the next few days, easily strolling past the junk food aisles and happily carrying your nutritious foods to the car. 

The most important person in your life is YOU.

And you can best support and enjoy all those you love when you are happy and healthy and filled with gratitude for your amazing life and health. 

Put you first and these coaching tools will take you the distance and beyond. 

Revero looks forward to your Carnivore success story!

Tips for dealing with cravings by coach Tracy K

The very best way to deal with cravings is to be sure to eat enough at meal times. If you have enough protein and fat during your meal, you will have way less cravings. Also, keep the craved foods out of your home or out of your sight if you cannot get them out of your home because others in your family are eating them. The longer you are on carnivore, the easier the cravings are to deal with. They basically just go away if you are eating plenty of meat and fat at your mealtimes.

Artificial sweeteners should be avoided as they can lead to cravings. The sweet in your mouth tends to make you crave more sweet tastes. Good ideas to try if you do get hungry between meals or have cravings is to eat pats of butter, or some bacon, or just any type of meat that you have available to you.If you keep the right foods on hand, you’ll have something to turn to when a craving hits. But truly, the cravings do go away after awhile of satiating your body on nutrient dense meat!

Tips for cooking carnivore meals by coach Tracy K

Cook your meat however you enjoy it to be cooked, whether rare/medium/well done etc. There is healing in meat no matter how it is cooked. Your tastes may change as you go along, such as if you like it more well-done in the beginning, you may find that you like it closer to rare in later months. Tastes seem to change as you go throughout your journey, but you will be able to determine when you need to change something. Sometimes carnivores do not like chicken because the more ruminant animals seem more satisfying, but sometimes heading into fall and winter, chicken soup just sounds good!

Slow cookers are amazing as well as grills, air fryers, waffle irons, egg steamers, instant pots, etc. for cooking your meats. You do not need all of the appliances, a cast iron skillet or other pans can cook meat just fine, but the appliances do make it easier. Take the egg steamers; they just make “boiled” eggs so much faster and cook them much more efficiently. It’s a simple appliance that is a smart way to cook. You can tend to acquire many appliances that you never thought that you would, but take time to evaluate the cost, connivence and clean up before jumping in to get them.

Social life tips by coach Tracy K

Planning is the biggest key here! Plan, plan, plan! If you have a holiday or a birthday approaching, you’ll want to know exactly how to handle that scenario so that you do not fall off of your plan!

One idea to help you through is to eat before you go to the event. If you have some meat on board, you will be less likely to want to eat the tempting carby foods that are usually at every party. Even if you do not eat an entire meal, at least eat a piece of meat, some bacon, an egg, or other easy food. It will curb your hunger and keep you smiling at the same time!

Another idea would be to bring a meat dish to share! Cook up some chicken legs and thighs, or maybe bite sized pieces of steak on a platter. You could even make up a meat and cheese tray with boiled eggs or stuffed eggs to nibble on for you and your fellow party goers! There are many ways and many dishes that could be taken along with you so that you have foods that satisfy your hunger and give the best nutrients to others. It’s a win, win situation!

Simple grocery shopping tips by coach Tracy K

Simple is the key word here in shopping! Skip all aisles in the grocery stores except for the meat department, dairy department, and maybe the cleaning aisles as needed. You’ll be so much happier just going for the nutrient dense foods and skipping all the junk, temptations, and crowds of people!

Also, prior to heading to the store, be sure to make a list and plan your meals so that you have in mind what you need to purchase and cross it off as you put it in your grocery cart! Stick to your plan and you’ll spend less money and time! It’s the most minimalistic lifestyle! There’s a big plus!

Lastly, if you love buying meats at a bargain, be sure to scour all the latest grocery store ads and check the clearance area of your favorite supermarkets for the best deals on meat! Additionally, check out your local ranchers or farmer’s markets for great deals on meat, plus many of these great ranchers do regenerative farming practices on their lands which is great for our bodies, the animals and great for our world.

Carnivore transition period tips by coach Tracy K

In the beginning of transitioning from your previous diet to the carnivore lifestyle, there will be some adjustment. Paying close attention to your electrolytes is a good thing. Our bowel is getting used to not having carbs and often times drops water along with diarrhea. This can flush out some of  your electrolytes and make you feel really drained. Electrolytes (Re-Lyte or Keto Drops) can help you replenish the lost electrolytes and aid you in the transition.

Another suggestion would be to get plenty of rest. Resting will aid your body to transition and heal. Often you might feel very fatigued. It isn’t anything that you cannot handle and push through, but resting will help immensely! The carnivore lifestyle is more about healing and along with healing, your body begins to balance out weight, fluids, electrolytes. Hang in there and you’ll get through the transition period quickly. When you begin  your transitioning, it is a good idea to take some time off of work if possible or plan to begin over a long weekend. 


Support is of the utmost importance! It is what Dr. Baker says is the only supplement needed on this lifestyle. Try to get involved with Revero and all the meetings and their forum, or find other carnivores on Instagram or hire a coach on Meatrx. You need support and likeminded friends who can encourage you along your path!

Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Tracy K

Suggestions for beginning the carnivore lifestyle include “Eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full.” It is really quite simple, but it does take a little bit of time to adjust to this new way of eating and to also recognize when you are truly hungry and when you are truly at your full point.

Planning ahead is essential, so that you have the necessary foods available to you and at the ready for eating each day. Additionally, you would want to clear your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets of any non-carnivore foods so that when temptation comes, you do not revert back to carb laden foods in a moment of weakness. Weaknesses will and do come when you are bored, have a very stressful day, or just need comfort. We all have these things happen, so if you are prepared, it will go so much smoother.

Another important item to address is throwing away the scales. They are not your friend and only cause a discouraged mind. You cannot measure how well you are healing by looking at the dreaded scales and you will feel so much better if you just give them away, or hide them from yourself in some way. Take measurements instead and you’ll see great change that way, plus the way your clothes fit.

There is no need to count calories, or macros, or carbs, etc. If you are eating carnivore foods only, you will be nourishing your body with the most nutrient dense foods, so do continue nourishing and realize there is no need to count since all meats are good for your body.

Instead, you might like to journal. Keeping track of what foods you are eating and how they are making you feel. This helps to keep in touch with your body’s cues and allows you to look back and see when you were feeling optimal and which foods you consumed when you were. Journaling can be very handy, not only for how you were feeling, but also for keeping track of the recipes or foods that you love and can go back to if you are wanting to change things up a bit.

Carnivore grocery shopping tips by coach Elizabeth B

it’s best to go grocery shopping after a meal or a snack. If you go when you are hungry, you may end up buying carbohydrate foods that give quick energy. They stock the carbs in the front of the store and in the check-out aisle to temp tired and harried shoppers. 


Squeezing in time to shop between other important tasks may cause stress and, you may not be able to concentrate as well as you want to on what you want to purchase. Larger grocery chains also layout stores to ensure that you pass carbohydrate and sugary foods in between where you really want to do your shopping—in the meat, fish, egg, and dairy sections. 


The bigger the store, the more confusing it may be. The profit margin for snack foods is much higher than the profit margin for steak and salmon, so there will be aisle after aisle of these. If you can, find a store with a dedicated meat and fish counter, so it will be easier to avoid the bread and cookie aisles. 


When you are starting out, depending upon where you live, going to the butcher and fish market would provide you with only animal-based foods. The owners can also offer you guidance on different cuts of meat and types of fish they have available. When you go to the store, bring a list you have made at home beforehand, stick to it so, you don’t end up buying something you didn’t plan on buying.

Carnivore grocery shopping tips by coach Michele F

When grocery shopping, it helps to walk directly to the meat section and fill your cart or basket! You will find that there are so many choices within the meat section – different cuts and beautiful pieces you have yet to try! 


It is exciting to be able to spend your grocery time and money exploring the meat section. Choose different cuts or types of meat. You’ll be resetting your palate and relearning (or possibly even learning for the first time) how these meats taste. It is a fun adventure and exploration. 


I like to purchase large cuts (like roasts) because they tend to be less costly, and then I cut it up into smaller pieces at home. I put those smaller cuts in my broiler. If you have a pressure cooker, you might consider purchasing tougher cuts of meat to pressure cook. Family packs of meat can be a great option and are often sold at a discount. 


Some people recommend checking online or in the store’s ad for sales. However, if researching sales feels time-consuming, it can be most helpful to avoid complications and just go directly to the store. Buy meat that looks delicious to you and fits within your budget. Peruse, find what’s appetizing, and experiment by coach trying different cuts and types of meat. Remember to also peruse the seafood section, if you can tolerate seafood. 


The frozen food section often has packages of ground beef burgers, which are great to keep in the freezer for quick, easy meals. You can mix and match – such as enjoying a delicious plate of scallops, with butter and sea salt, alongside your steak! It is exciting to try new meats! That excitement will keep you motivated for your next grocery shopping trip!


Most importantly when shopping, go directly to the butcher area/meat/seafood section. Ignore the other sections that are filled with cardboard and cans. Who wants to eat cardboard or cans? Yuck! Proceed directly to the meat department and don’t look back. You’ll find many fresh, beautiful choices of real food in the meat department.

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