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5 reasons carnivore diet can aid in drug and alcohol recovery by coach Emily R

It’s sugar free- Sweet food triggers the same dopamine (pleasure) receptors that are triggered by substance abuse. Many people find they gain weight when they become sober from drugs and alcohol, because they have replaced their addiction to drugs or alcohol with an addiction to food. A carnivore diet doesn’t include any sweet foods and therefore isn’t likely to develop

Ekaterina improved digestion, hormonal health and PCOS on carnivore diet

Hi!   I am Ekaterina, a Russian-speaking Carnivore coach, and I live in Switzerland.   This is my story (sorry, I can’t write just in a few words).   First of all, I’m an ex-vegetarian (10 years) plus an ex-vegan (5.5 years).   My health wasn’t perfect since my childhood: allergies to pollen and home animals, genetic psoriasis, super sensitive

Thomas heals from arthritis, autism, and skin psoriasis on a carnivore diet

Thomas’ Early Struggles with Autism, Dyslexia, Arthritis, and Psoriasis   Thomas’ problems began at an early age: “I have been autistic and dyslexic my whole life, but I was not diagnosed as being autistic until I was an adult.   By the time I was about 44-45, I had arthritis in my neck, hands, lower back, and feet. I also

Christian improved hearing, gained weight, treated autism on carnivore diet

Diagnosed With High-Functioning Autism   Hey everyone, I’m not really autistic anymore, but I was before.   When I was 18, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and had all the normal issues: sensory overload, trouble communicating, and temper problems. All standard autistic behavior. However, at times I had severe impairment.   At times I could not speak for sometimes

Corina overcomes veganism and many health issues on a carnivore diet

Corina’s Carnivore Journey: From Veganism to Health Improvements   You’ll be amazed by Corina’s carnivore journey; in just six months, she was able to reverse the negative impact of veganism on her health and resolve joint pain, fatigue, migraines, and some social limitations.   Diet Diversity Across the Globe: From Dairy and Carbs to the Carnivore Diet   Corina’s health

Connor improved his autism and IBS with the carnivore diet

Connor’s Health Struggles   Connor lives in Australia, and his results with a carnivore diet are fascinating. When he was 21, he was bitten by a mosquito and contracted Barmah Forest Virus, which caused chronic fatigue syndrome for 18 months, then resolved. Three years ago, the chronic fatigue returned, but much worse.    “I suddenly just was in a wheelchair,

Justin healed skin rashes on a carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Justin. My story is pretty intense and spans practically my entire life.   Issues From Birth   I am a c-section baby, and for as long as I can remember, I have been sick. As a young child, my autoimmune issues weren’t so severe. Minor eczema, canker sores. But I did showcase autistic tendencies and always

Sim improved autism, depression and anxiety on a carnivore diet

My Experience With Autism Spectrum Disorder   Hey!   Love the incentive and want to share my story. There are not that many who discussed Autism, so I want to do my part! You can share my name: Sim Van Daele, and all the pictures.   I was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder which in the ’90s was still kind

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