Ekaterina improved digestion, hormonal health and PCOS on carnivore diet



I am Ekaterina, a Russian-speaking Carnivore coach, and I live in Switzerland.


This is my story (sorry, I can’t write just in a few words).


First of all, I’m an ex-vegetarian (10 years) plus an ex-vegan (5.5 years).


My health wasn’t perfect since my childhood: allergies to pollen and home animals, genetic psoriasis, super sensitive gut, digestive problems always, acne (especially during the vegan phase), unexplained PCOS, and amenorrhea.


Challenges During Pregnancy and Postpartum


The first serious psoriasis attack was at 15 y/o – first hormonal and school stress. At 18, I became vegetarian and felt relatively good. At 24, I got pregnant (shockingly to everybody around, especially to doctors). They told me it was impossible to have a healthy pregnancy and to give birth.


But it was a gift from heaven, and my boy was born. Yes, not perfectly healthy: small, bilateral cryptorchidism, atopic dermatitis, food allergies. But he developed breastfeeding gut quickly.


After my pregnancy, I got a very aggressive psoriasis attack and was hospitalized. Hormones, hormonal creams, and so on… and two years after a very low-calorie diet of very high lean protein (no fat), my psoriasis attacked me again… it was the first time when it appeared after sun exposure! Normally the sun helps me.


Vegan Keto: Anemia, No Periods, and Non-Healing Ulcers


So I decided to try veganism. And in the beginning, during the “vegan honeymoon,” everything was fine for about 1-1.5 years. Psoriasis was calm, no hormones, no medicines. But after 1.5-2 years of veganism, a lot of digestive problems appeared, acne blossomed everywhere on my skin, herpes appeared every month… and bloating, farting, emotional instability, no libido, insulin tummy, quick aging… I was 26-32 y/o during my vegan story.


I tried everything from the vegan diet: half, 90-10-10, raw vegan, fruitarian, banana islands, raw till four, and so on… nothing helped long-term. Psoriasis started to come back.


At one moment, when I started to bleed during pooping and felt miserable from all these gut cramps and pain, I decided to eat less frequently and stopped at OMAD (one meal a day). It helped a lot!!!


And that way, I discovered ketosis three years ago. I started with a vegan type of keto diet and quickly understood it was almost nothing to eat (thanks to soy allergy). 


I started to eat fish once a week, and after that, cheese. During all these psychological transformations, from understanding that veganism was wrong, I started to learn science: anthropology, nutrition, physiology, history, quantum physics, and so on. I understood the depth of stupidity of going vegan that ruins my health and the health of my kid.


The Benefits of a Carnivorous Diet


So keto helped. I lost a lot of vegan weight, even too much. And vegetarian keto with salads, oils, nuts, fish, and cheese (and tons of supplements!) made me very thin and sick: anemia, no periods, aggressive and nervous, non-healing ulcers on my fingers, very dry skin, some digestive issues … but almost no psoriasis!


Nowadays, I’ve been a proud and happy Carnivore for almost 18 months (from June 2018). No supplements. My digestion was never better than on this WOE. My skin glows, and my psoriasis is in remission with some plaques (they appear when I eat not enough fat and too much histamine-rich variants of meat and fish).


I have some issues with my periods, but no PCOS on the ultrasound scan! I eat mostly meat, all types of them, fish and seafood, eggs, butter, and organs from time to time. I am looking younger.


And appreciate this carnivorous way of living so much! Thank to meat-eating, my son is very healthy and handsome. And some of his autistic symptoms disappeared. His mood is stable, productivity in school and piano playing are fantastic, his anemia has gone. He is an active and happy child! 


We are still going to perfect health. And meat helps us!


Veganism was a huge mistake, and I missed steak!


Meat really heals!


Thank you so much for all you are doing for the world!!!


Sincerely yours 

Ekaterina (or just Kate)


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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