Thomas heals from arthritis, autism, and skin psoriasis on a carnivore diet

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I have been autistic and dyslexia my whole life, but I was not diagnosed as being autistic until I was an adult. By the time I was about 44-45 I had arthritis in my neck, hands, lower back, and feet. I also had psoriasis which rapidly worsened when I started taking NSAIDs to manage the arthritic pain. Prior to this I worked out in the gym 5 days a week and yet I continued to gain body fat.

In early 2017 I went on a Ketogenic diet and my arthritis seemed to be gone in about 3 weeks or so and psoriasis that often bled through my clothes seemed to be greatly improved. I also noticed a vast improvement in cognitive function and a more stable mood.

By late 2017 I had moved to carnivore or a zero carb diet. The Psoriasis is not quite gone, but I think I will eventually figure out what the final trigger is and resolve this.

As for my autistic type symptoms, I seem to be far less likely to perseverate for long periods of time, my anxiety is a lot better, especially after I had been on carnivore for about 6 months or so I noticed that anxiety was much harder to trigger and it has less intensity to it. I have also noticed that the symptoms of dyslexia have improved, I am not able to often retain things like phone numbers in order with little or no effort. I can also tolerate sunlight much better. I also seem to have an easier time filtering out a noise and other distractions including tactile ones that constantly competed for my attention in the past.

I made a short video about it.

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3 thoughts on “Thomas heals from arthritis, autism, and skin psoriasis on a carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you so much for your report on the meat diet. I am just getting into it, and have lost at least 20 pounds without even trying. It’s incredible. Thanks for showing that brain function is also associated with this meat eating. There was a movie with Meryl Streep some years ago. I think the name of the movie was First Do No Harm. It was based on a kid who had terrible epilepsy and his mothers devoted efforts to help him. They found that Bacon and greasy bacon helped this kid. Now with all you’ve said, breaking it down… it appears we’ve been taken for a ride in the “Don’t eat Cholesterol !” medical advice as well as the apparently brain damaging anti Cholesterol drugs being given out like candy corn to patients and the apparent link with the drugs to “dementia”. So saving our brains, healing them, may start with a good plate of Barbeque, eh? Without the potatoes and beans! Finally there is something to be said about God’s foods. We might have done fine with fish and veggies and fruits, but being so exposed to fake fats and toxins affecting our brains, and bodies, it’s become clear that Cholesterol truly is one of the most vital substances in our bodies. According to Dr. John Bergman, our brain is made mostly of Cholesterol, reproduction is dependent upon it, and healing injuries anywhere in the body, requires cholesterol. No wonder, corn oil or canola oil, margarine’s or shortening just can’t do it and according to “The Oiling of America”, (video loaded by B.S.R), is the reason for the skyrocketing of many modern diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, etc. Thanks again for providing first hand evidence that this type of eating can work really well. Bless you

  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey, Thomas. I am a newbie carnivore, and love how I feel. I have always been an advocate for my own health and for others. I can relate with what you share about diet and how your body has responded in a positive way to heal through the carnivore lifestyle. I appreciate all the information that you have shared about your journey. I will be able to guide others to you that are experiencing the same health hurdles you’ve overcome. Health and happiness to you, my friend!

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