Connor improved his autism and IBS with the carnivore diet

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Connor lives in Australia, and his results with a carnivore diet are fascinating.

When he was 21, he was bitten by a mosquito and contracted Barmah Forest Virus, which caused chronic fatigue syndrome for 18 months, then resolved. Three years ago, the chronic fatigue returned, but much worse. “I suddenly just was in a wheelchair, I slept all the time; I couldn’t think straight, and I couldn’t eat anything. I had all these gut problems.”

Becoming Autistic

Connor was also autistic, the result of a gut infection earlier in life: “I used to be a normal kid, outdoorsy, confident, popular. Then on my 11th birthday I got what seemed to just be gastro. While the worst of it passed in a couple of days, I never really got better. Not only did I suffer from IBS, but my personality radically changed too. I was angsty, introverted, paranoid and I was sensitive to light, sound and touch. I had become autistic.”

Plant-Based Keto: Fiber Woes

Connor was eating a plant-based keto diet, which he thought was healthier at the time-but he couldn’t eat anything without feeling sick “That was possibly killing me, slowly.”

Finding Carnivore Through Michaela

Connor searched for answers and found Michaela Peterson. He saw that her problems were “as bad if not worse than mine…I cannot eat anything anymore, so I’m going to give this a go.”

“What I did was I slowly cut back everything that I was eating that was plant-based, then shifted across. It was a very smooth transition and I just found every day that my guts protested less and less.”

He found a local rancher (easy in Australia) and began buying beef. He eats steak and kidney, “finding a lot of ways to get creative.”

Carnivore Magic Kicks In

The digestive benefits were almost immediate, as he noticed no reflux, no bloating, and could comfortably eat until he was full. “About a week or two in I was able to stand up, walk around; I think I even went shopping by myself without needing my wheelchair.”

Connor says that he “really thinks all my issues are autoimmune, and it’s really hard to get doctors to even acknowledge that, and it’s harder to test that.”

He has lost body fat and gained muscle, without exercising.

Autism No More

After eating one meal a day, carnivore, for eight months, Connor noticed a difference in his autism: “I noticed my symptoms went away. I went to a friend’s ‘Christmas in July’ party with her family, and I didn’t need earplugs, I didn’t feel overwhelmed…that night, no, I’m so relaxed, I’m paying attention, I’m able to make eye contact and converse.”

“I was so certain it was simply a part of me, that I was born this way and I would die this way. And maybe that’s true for some people, but I realize now that my autism and IBS were caused by diet. If only I had known about this sixteen years ago!”

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