October 31, 2018

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Milian heals hemorrhoids on a carnivore diet

Milian is a 28-year-old computer programmer from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He implemented a carnivore diet to address several health concerns that plagued him for years. “For the past five years, my health was in a constant state of decline,” Milian shares. While he didn’t have a lot of sugar in his diet, he consumed a lot of carbohydrates and very

Randy improved diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, knee pain on carnivore diet

Randy is a 67-year-old contractor who’s been carnivore for two years. He had cancer, two heart attacks, and four stints, and was a type 2 diabetic with neuropathy in his feet. His balance was so bad that he almost fell off a roof because he couldn’t feel his toes. Randy had an arthritic, painful neck from a diving accident and

Denis lost weight and improved his diabetes on a carnivore diet

i am just starting the carnivore diet, or way of life should i say! I was a bit scared to start this because i’ve been doing the ketogenic diet for 3 months, and i can say that it’s been pretty good for me! i lost 30 pounds, reversed almost completly my type-2 diabeties, no more metformin, my numbers are now

Amber improved hirsutism with a carnivore diet

I am 26 now. In July 2018 (I was 165 m and 53 kg) my health started to decline even more than usual. I had: indigestion( occasional vomiting ) bloating gut pain anal itching (resulting in scratching and psoriasis) hair loss (at the front) hirsutism (upper lip hair was getting darker and thicker) greasy skin with acne disturbed periods (dropped

Gabby improved hormonal imbalances on a carnivore diet

My name is Gabby, and I’m a 40-year-old female new to the carnivore diet. Here’s my story:   A Little Back Story   I have always had thyroid issues since my 20s (Graves disease and Hashimotos). I was on several medications, and nothing worked. In 2010, I listened to my doctors and had a complete thyroidectomy, a decision I regret

Woman solves bloating and pain on a carnivore diet

Please listen to this inspiring short account of a woman solving her bloating issues on a carnivore diet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsQuFBazV0I Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Adam overcomes plant-based diet, has improvements on carnivore diet

Discover how Adam (and his dog!) both overcame the negative effects of a plant-based diet and the many benefits that have come along with the Carnivore Diet, including better athletic performance and recovery, better digestion, mental clarity, and clearer skin.   Meet Adam, the Carnivore Diet Advocate, and His Dog’s Incredible Transformation   Adam is 42 years old and has

Bruce fixes migraines, psoriasis, environmental concerns on carnivore diet

Bruce’s Journey On The Carnivore Diet   Bruce is 45 years old and lives in England. He began a ketogenic diet 18 months ago and, after some encouraging improvements, shifted to the Carnivore Diet. Like many who have made the transition, Bruce discovered that moving away from leafy green vegetables helped heal gut issues like bloating and acid reflux.  

Hans improves joint issues, alertness while losing weight on carnivore diet

Hans is 40 years old and has followed a raw carnivore diet for 9 months. He has subsequently resolved major joint issues affecting his elbows, including a debilitating condition called spondylitis. The chronic inflammation in his joints prevented Hans from exercising and doing some of his favorite activities like swimming and kite surfing. “When I cut out alcohol and switched

Mike resolves pre-diabetes, hypertension, energy levels on carnivore diet

Mike’s Journey To A Healthier Life   Mike is 34 years old and has been following the carnivore diet for a year. In that short amount of time, he no longer has obstructive sleep apnea, has resolved pre-diabetes and hypertension, and has increased energy levels that result in a more positive outlook on life.   The Benefits Of The Carnivore

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