October 31, 2018

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A. D. improves digestion, mood, sleep, and fitness on a carnivore diet

I started having problems with my blood sugar right after I had my first baby. I was diagnosed as a gestationally diabetic while carrying. I was given no advice or follow-up after having her.   Within two to three months later, I was constantly dizzy, hot, my heart would start beating out of my chest, shaky, hyperventilating, and I’d feel

Kelly treats arthritis, digestion, cardiovascular health on carnivore diet

Today makes 60 days since I went on a Zero Carb diet! You know those thin people who can always decline their favorite desserts, or not eat the free samples at the grocery store? I know people, but I most certainly was never one of them- until now! Food no longer rules my life! I seriously no longer think about

Tony improves digestion, GERD, joint pain, sleep apnea on carnivore diet

Tony leads an active lifestyle at 57 years old. His previous philosophy about food was “anything goes.” Recently, that changed as he noticed some physical challenges that were holding him back from living his best life. Until three months ago, Tony says he put no limits on his appetite or cravings for carb-heavy foods. “I would eat anything I wanted.

David heals allergies, hypersensitivity, sleep issues on carnivore diet

The Healing Power of the Carnivore Diet   My whole life, my health has been an enigma to me. I was always skinny as a kid and could, and did, eat pretty much anything I wanted without gaining weight. That included a lot of sugar. Sugar poured over my cereal in the morning, sugar in the juices and sodas I

Emily improves autism, mental health, and weight loss on a carnivore diet

Emily’s Background and Challenges   Emily has a Master’s degree and describes herself as a “scientific-minded person” who has spent a lot of her working time in the medical field and in the military as well.   She also has a five-year-old son who is autistic and was non-verbal and socially challenged prior to her carnivore experience. Autism is a

T. T. improves fitness, foot pain, joint pain, and mood on a carnivore diet

Life caught up with me in my 30s – like it threw a rope around me and yanked me to the ground. I went from blissfully eating whatever I wanted on the SAD diet to desperately searching for the answers I hoped would save my health. I’ll explain.   Living in NYC gave me access to some of the most

Phil improves Crohn’s disease, autoimmune conditions on carnivore diet

Phil’s Experience with Carnivore    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2002. I took the pills and ate “healthy” until 2009, during which time I continued to have polyps and inflammation in my gut every time I went in for a colonoscopy.   In August 2009 I decided to spend a year eating only meat. In August 2010, my

Beau heals from back pain and joint pain on a carnivore diet

Beau is 34 years old and has experienced significant issues with his weight, at one point seeing himself grow to over 400 pounds. He needed back surgery 12 years ago, leading to chronic issues with back discomfort over the following years. It’s difficult to imagine for those of us who have never been this obese. One example worth considering is

Connor heals from diabetes, joint pain, immune issues on a carnivore diet

Controlling Blood Sugar With A Meat-Based Diet In February 2018, Connor found Dr. Baker, and after hearing his story, he made the decision to follow a primary carnivore diet “with the help of a close friend who was also experimenting with the diet.” Connor defined his diet by saying, “When I say primarily Carnivore, I mean about 90% of my

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