A. D. improves digestion, mood, sleep, and fitness on a carnivore diet

I started having problems with my blood sugar right after I had my first baby. I was diagnosed as a gestationally diabetic while carrying. I was given no advice or follow-up after having her.


Within two to three months later, I was constantly dizzy, hot, my heart would start beating out of my chest, shaky, hyperventilating, and I’d feel like I was dying. Went to the ER twice, and they told me it was just postpartum depression/anxiety. Followed up with my ob-gyn and family doctors and was told the same thing. They were “just” panic attacks.


Misdiagnosed And Living With Panic Attacks


Once you’re told something enough, you start to believe it, and after that, any time my body felt a little bit different or off, I’d panic. This would continue on for years, leading me to 3 separate occasions of complete agoraphobia where I couldn’t even leave my bedroom, let alone my house.


Discovering The Link To Blood Sugar Issues


One day, I got fed up with living like that and figured if this “mystery illness” was going to kill me, then it could just go ahead because I wasn’t living anyway. I got in my car and drove and drove until the panic subsided, and I was calmed back down.


That ended the agoraphobia for now, but I still struggled with anxiety and panic attacks multiple times a day. Until a friend came into my life then who had diabetic children. During one of my “panic attacks,” she tested my sugar; it was a 29. After eating a whole sleeve of glucose tabs, I felt great.


A 5-hour GTT test showed my blood sugar reaching 392 at its peak and 31 at its lowest point. I was told I was “severely hypoglycemic,” “insulin resistant,” “late onset juvenile diabetic,” and a bunch of other labels that were not helpful. I was told to go on a diabetic diet and to eat sugar when I felt bad. Ugh!!!


Battling Anxiety, PTSD, And OCD


So, I started eating tons of carbs every hour, thinking I had to keep my blood sugar up. The more carbs I ate, the more carbs I wanted/craved/HAD to have. I was able to keep the low blood sugar monster at bay by eating every hour. But, the panic and anxiety never went away. It was always there.


Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in an abusive (physically, emotionally, verbally) marriage. I finally left him, for good, in April of 2016, when he was arrested for domestic assault against me. So, now on top of the anxiety/panic, I was diagnosed with PTSD and OCD, and my agoraphobia was back with a vengeance.


And, at this time, I seemed to be having major reactions to anything and everything I ate. And I ended up in the ER on two occasions with severe anaphylactic reactions from peanuts/tree nuts after eating them all my life.


A Desperate Change In Diet


Between that and the fear of how I felt after eating, I became terrified of every bite I took. I only ate as little as I could only when I absolutely had to. On top of washing my hands so much, they would crack and bleed because I was afraid of allergens on them (not germs). I weighed about 92 pounds at this time. I was 5’4. I was a walking skeleton.


On Oct 5th, 2016, I made burgers for my kids before we went to my brother’s house for his bday, and something inside of me screamed at me to EAT THEM, and for whatever reason – I did. I ate 6, to be precise.


I didn’t end up going to my bro’s, anxiety won that battle, but I did sleep all the way through the night and didn’t wake up with nightmares or drenched in sweat for the first time in two years.


The next day, I ate more burgers and felt a bit better. After that day, I never touched any other food than beef, pork, chicken, turkey, cheese, eggs, and bacon. They were my “safe” foods. I also did not know ZC was even a thing at this time; they were just what I felt okay with after experimenting.


On my one-year anniversary of eating this way, I sat down and literally googled “how long can I live eating just hamburger patties” because that is all I wanted and was what made me feel the best.


And, lo and behold, I found Zeroing in on Health and Zero Carb Zen, Charles Washington, Kelly Hogan, Shawn Baker, Amber O’Hearn, the Andersens, and so many others who were thriving on this diet.


I felt good, but I couldn’t honestly say I was thriving, so after reading about the Salisbury protocol, I decided that day to do beef and water only for the next year. My two-year anniversary of ZC is also my one-year anniversary of beef and water only.


Healing And Thriving On A Carnivore Diet


Now, as of today, my symptoms and issues are all healed. My blood sugar (after spreading my meals out) is now perfect. I haven’t had a panic attack in over a year. I have no more anxiety. My OCD tendencies are gone.


IBS/Acid Reflux/Digestive Issues are gone. The brain fog is gone. Soul-sucking fatigue is gone. I am still probably a little too bit on the small size, but I don’t feel like a walking skeleton anymore. I have energy, I’m calm, I’m grounded, I have a life again, and I go out and travel and do things I never imagined I could a few years ago.


I plan on eating this way for life because it gave me my life back. I was a disaster, a complete mess slowly shriveling away, and now I’m a much healthier, much happier, thriving person thanks to the carnivore diet.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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