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Thor improved psoriasis, heartburn, and eye floaters on a carnivore diet

Athlete to Health Coach: Thor’s Journey Thor’s path to health advocacy began with his background as a college baseball player. After his athletic career, he transitioned into the world of television and film in New York City, eventually working as a teleprompter operator for high-profile clients. His interest in nutrition and fitness remained a constant throughout these career changes, with

Veronika improves gut health and bloating on a carnivore diet

From Active Runner to Carnivore Challenger Veronika, a 44-year-old exercise physiologist and nutritionist from Australia, has always been passionate about health and fitness. Growing up in the Czech Republic, she was raised on a diet rich in meat, eggs, and fermented foods, which laid the foundation for her lifelong interest in nutrition. When she moved to Australia 21 years ago

Alexander improves focus, attention, and gastrointestinal issues on a carnivore diet

From Concussions and GI Issues to Healing Alexander’s journey to the carnivore diet begins in high school, where he grapples with numerous health challenges, including attention issues, focus problems, and severe GI distress. As a young athlete participating in football, hockey, lacrosse, and boxing, Alexander sustains a series of concussions that lead to a diagnosis of Traumatic Attention Deficit Disorder.

Stepanka improves depression, anorexia, and bulimia on a carnivore diet

A Journey on the Carnivore Diet Štepánka is from the Czech Republic and has experienced a remarkable transformation in her physical and mental health since adopting the carnivore diet. Despite her young age, Štepánka has already faced numerous challenges, including eating disorders, mental health issues, and physical ailments. However, her journey to wellness began when she discovered the power of

Catherine heals from anxiety, anorexia, and bulimia on a carnivore diet

From Decades of Struggle to Food Freedom Catherine, a dentist from the East Coast, has an incredible story of healing and transformation thanks to the carnivore diet. For 40 years, she struggled with severe eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia. Despite seeking treatment countless times, nothing seemed to work — until she discovered the carnivore way of eating. The Toll

Lee improves acid reflux and digestion on a carnivore diet

Introduction: Rediscovering Health Lee’s journey began in Kent, the picturesque southeastern region of England. Despite its beauty, Lee faced serious health challenges that seemed insurmountable. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2012, his condition escalated over the years, leading to severe symptoms that disrupted his life significantly. Traditional treatments and dietary advice failed to provide relief, and by 2017, Lee was

Larry improved chronic pain and weight gain on a carnivore diet

Introduction to the carnivore diet Larry, a veteran IT professional and former military personnel, faced increasing health issues as he aged, despite being committed to staying fit throughout his life. His physical capabilities and overall health began to decline notably in his mid-forties. To address these challenges, Larry initially turned to the ketogenic diet, which provided notable improvements in his

Neah improves psoriasis & irritable bowel syndrome on carnivore diet

Introduction to Neah’s Journey to Health Neah, once a stay-at-home mom and an avid YouTuber, shares a compelling narrative that’s not just about dietary preferences but a profound transformation. Her adoption of the carnivore diet emerged from a long-standing battle with health issues that traditional diets and medical interventions failed to ameliorate. The Early Years: Struggling with Health From her

Valerie heals from schizoaffective disorder and anorexia on a carnivore diet

From Despair to Discovery Valerie’s narrative is a compelling testament to human resilience, encapsulating a profound transformation from debilitating illnesses to remarkable health, all thanks to the carnivore diet. Her story unfolds over four tumultuous decades marked by severe mental and physical afflictions, a testament to her enduring fight against seemingly insurmountable odds. A Life Overshadowed by Illness Valerie’s early

Cameron improved mast cell activation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome on a carnivore diet

The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness Cameron’s initial descent into health despair is not just a physical ordeal but an emotional turmoil. The constant cycle of hope from new treatments followed by despair when they fail takes a toll on her mental health. This emotional rollercoaster is a critical part of her story, underscoring the psychological strain that chronic illness can

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