Randy improved diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, knee pain on carnivore diet

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I’m a 65 yr old or young wht male , have type 2 diabetes , psoriasis , since age 11, severe arthritic condition shoulders , low back, knees , two heart attacks, 4 stents, neuropathy in my feet, well where do I start,this is week 40 of this carnivore way of life :)) I had a coronary calcium scan couple of weeks ago, results showed great improvement , been off my insulin since the 8 week mark, down from 13 medications to 3:)), psoriasis almost all gone, severe arthritis all but a memory, don’t have to have knee surgery:))had my labs done last week & everything was great, A1-c down a whole point from 7.2 to 6.2 my fasting blood is 90 to 130:))my triglycerides 49 , I’m still on my Metformin & glipicide & flomax for prostate, I’m active can go all day without naps lol & lost 44#s Thanks to Gary & Maria & Dr Ken berry & DrShawn baker & everyone else that gives me support & info !!! One happy Carnivore!!!:))

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