William improved fatigue, brain fog and acne on a carnivore diet

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Now I think I’d been suffering from oxalate poisoning for at least 15 years, or maybe even since my birth. I was probably thiamine deficient as a kid, among other nutrient defeciencies. When I was an ignorant child I still hated greens (the dietary source of oxalate), so I refused to eat greens but I still ate a lot of sugar; hence I had skin rashes, bladder irritation, itchy nose, scalp and eyes, fatigue, brain fog, and body acne. 

I’d eat a steak and instantly notice relief the next morning. (because I was/am so young.) I didn’t exactly make the correlation between the meat and my health until after I ate a deli sandwich. My symptoms were particularly bad that day, so after I had the roast beef sandwich (I know it’s still awful food) I was able to realize that the meat was turning my brain on and my bodily pains off. But it wasn’t what I ate, it’s what I stopped eating that ended my symptoms completely. All of that shit I listed went away when I stopped eating grains and sugar. 

But where was this info when I was growing up? I went to the town doctors a few times for the various problems caused by my diet. I was told to eat more food. That helped. Yes, just eating enough food and not just sugar was still invaluable advice. I must’ve been smart because as a kid I walked out of the doctor’s office and said “these fucking morons have no clue what’s wrong with me”. I didn’t either unfortunately. 

Through trial and error though I started eating correctly. I really didn’t understand why it was improving my health, due to oxalates I think, until recently. It’s sad when a 13 year old boy cries for the innocently painless days of earlier years. Any way I am super happy to have discovered the fact that meat heals!

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