William improved fatigue, brain fog and acne on a carnivore diet

“Now I think I’d been suffering from oxalate poisoning for at least 15 years, or maybe even since my birth.” Oxalates are natural compounds found in plants that bind to minerals and are linked to the formation of kidney stones. Because oxalates bind to minerals, the body will excrete them rather than absorb them.

“I was probably thiamine deficient as a kid, among other nutrient deficiencies.” Thiamine deficiency can be common in those who eat a lot of highly processed carbohydrates, such as foods made from refined white flour and sugar.

“When I was an ignorant child I still hated greens (the dietary source of oxalate), so I refused to eat greens but I still ate a lot of sugar; hence I had skin rashes, bladder irritation, itchy nose, scalp and eyes, fatigue, brain fog, and body acne.”

“I’d eat a steak and instantly notice relief the next morning. (because I was/am so young.) I didn’t exactly make the correlation between the meat and my health until after I ate a deli sandwich. My symptoms were particularly bad that day, so after I had the roast beef sandwich (I know it’s still awful food) I was able to realize that the meat was turning my brain on and my bodily pains off. But it wasn’t what I ate; it was what I stopped eating that ended my symptoms completely. All of that went away when I stopped eating grains and sugar.”

Wheat gluten, found in food items made from wheat flour like bread, crackers, and cereals, can contribute to intestinal permeability in some people who are gluten sensitive. Symptoms of intestinal permeability are brain fog, fatigue, bladder infections, joint pain, digestive problems (diarrhea, gas, bloating), and skin irritations.

Sugary foods provide your body with quick energy, but it’s not sustainable. You will be hungry within a couple of hours and have to eat more. Sugar is not only found in candies and soda, but it’s added to bread, canned soups, and many condiments like ketchup. The result is that most people eat way too much sugar. Frequently eating sugary foods can lead to weight gain, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and high blood pressure.

“But where was this info when I was growing up? I went to the town doctors a few times for the various problems caused by my diet. I was told to eat more food. That helped. Yes, just eating enough food and not just sugar was still invaluable advice. I must’ve been smart because as a kid I walked out of the doctor’s office and said ‘these morons have no clue what’s wrong with me’. I didn’t either, unfortunately.

Through trial and error though I started eating correctly. I really didn’t understand why it was improving my health, due to oxalates I think, until recently. It’s sad when a 13 year old boy cries for the innocently painless days of earlier years. Anyway, I am super happy to have discovered the fact that meat heals!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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