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Beginner OMAD Tips

One Meal A Day, or OMAD as it is often called, can be a very effective protocol for weight loss and other health issues. I have done OMAD Carnivore for over 4 years and even OMAD Keto for a couple of years before that. I find it fits into my lifestyle and is extremely effective for me in my own

Starting The World’s Simplest Diet

One of the hardest concepts to understand about the carnivore diet is how simple it is. Do you need to track macros or calories? Do you need to weigh your food and calculate micronutrient amounts? Do you need to be hooked up to daily blood monitors and check your lab results every few months? I would argue that you don’t

How Much Meat is too Much?

This question is perhaps more common than any other question I receive. My smart-aleck answer often is, “Enough.” Although that might sound flippant, it’s truly a very honest and simple answer. But how do you know what is enough? I’m going to throw out some general numbers; don’t take these as gospel. I’m merely giving you some ballpark starting figures;

Fasting? Not So Fast…

Time-restricted feeding windows, intermittent fasting, and extended fasting are very much in vogue. The basis for this movement is recent literature that demonstrates that a prolonged period without food starts a process called autophagy in which cells recycle damaged or nonfunctioning cellular components in the absence of recent nutrition. After some time on the carnivore diet, most people tend to

Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

The Fruitarian Diet and its Promises of Healing Chronic Diseases   I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for seven years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommend an animal-based diet/carnivore.    I’ve actually helped many in the

Elizabeth treats her type 1 diabetes, lost weight and has more energy on a carnivore diet

The Carnivore Diet: A Simple Solution for Diabetes Control   When Elizabeth was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, it was “a huge curveball for my life.” She started a ketogenic diet six months later but kept “falling off the wagon.” She gained some weight, up to a high of 207 pounds, and her A1c went over 8. Elizabeth was looking

Matthew lost weight, gained more energy and no more back pain on a carnivore diet

Discovering the Carnivore Diet   Matthew had been struggling with depression and a lack of motivation. He heard about the carnivore diet through his uncle, who had faced similar struggles and decided to try it for himself. Together, they have had incredible success!   “My uncle was sharing the benefits of a carnivore diet that he was experiencing, and it

Maykell healed bloating, constipation, anxiety, and panic attacks on a carnivore diet

Maykell has been following a carnivore diet for two years. In addition to improving his overall body composition, Maykell enjoys better digestion, steady energy, and freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.   The Struggle to Gain Muscle   Maykell was in generally good health when starting his carnivore journey and was mainly looking for the best way to gain muscle

Tiffany overcame decades of food addiction on a carnivore diet

Tiffany had spent much of her life addicted to food and was paying the price. When she began her carnivore journey, she found herself weighing 230 pounds, with poor energy and persistent hunger. Her sleep was poor, and her mind had become foggy from systemic inflammation.   Confronting Food Addiction and Its Consequences   Tiffany was experiencing anxiety and realized

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