Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

The Fruitarian Diet and its Promises of Healing Chronic Diseases


I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for seven years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommend an animal-based diet/carnivore. 


I’ve actually helped many in the short term heal cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, etc. But I watched the same people, including myself, start to degenerate, trying to maintain this diet in the long term. I’m a certified detoxification specialist and online iridologist.


For the last 1 1/2 years of the seven years being vegan, mostly fruitarian/raw vegan, I developed major gut issues. Gi pain and digestive problems, and blood sugar issues. This was also very common with my clients that were long-term vegans.


The Transition to a Mainly Carnivore Diet: A Dramatic Change for the Better


The more I continued to eat a high-fiber diet, the more I continued to degenerate. Skin problems, gut pain, malnutrition, and depression. 


I started having cravings for eggs, and I mean intense cravings. My instincts told me to eat them and to adopt a main carnivore diet to heal my gut. I listened, and it dramatically changed my life for the good!!! In only three months, I can proudly say I have no more gut issues!!


The Benefits of a Zero Fiber, 90% Carnivore Diet: Muscle Gains, High Energy, and Zero Gut Pain


I’ve been on a mainly carnivore diet for four months now. My muscles came back. Testosterone came up. Consistent energy. Zero gut pain. No constant gas and zero bloat, and no more depression!!! And I feel like the 25-year-old bull I once was at 37!!! 


I will send you a pic of how skinny I got as a fruitarian five years ago and what I look like now on a zero fiber, 90% carnivore diet. The only plant food I consume living on an island (Koh Phangan) in Thailand is fresh coconut water out of Thai coconut, which does not cause me any issues at all.


A Message to Fruitarians and Raw Vegans: More Awareness about Eating Disorders Needed


This photo here was taken when I was super emaciated at 105 lbs when I was 100% fruitarian. The other pics were taken when I was a high raw vegan towards the end of my vegan journey. I was still very skinny and underweight at 120 lbs. 


My diet now is muscle meats, liver, and coconut water. I’m hoping to bring more awareness to people, especially the fruitarians and raw vegans that are in denial like I was and have major eating disorders.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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