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Evan E reverses ankylosing spondylitis on a carnivore diet

Ever since Evan was young, he had an insatiable hunger that caused him to binge, in addition to his other daily struggles of ADHD, OCD, brain fog, and fatigue. When he turned eleven—embarrassed by his heavy frame—he decided to go on a diet.   Following Conventional Wisdom: Low-Calorie/Low-Fat Diet   Following the conventional wisdom at the time, he started eating

Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

The Fruitarian Diet and its Promises of Healing Chronic Diseases   I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for seven years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommend an animal-based diet/carnivore.    I’ve actually helped many in the

Caelin healed digestive issues, testosterone, high blood pressure on a Carnivore lifestyle

Caelin’s Struggles with GI Issues and IBS   Caelin has been struggling with gastrointestinal issues and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for most of his life. Caelin says though he never sought medical treatment for his IBS, it wasn’t uncommon for him to use the restroom up to fifteen times per day.   Caelin also struggled with mood instability and trouble

Jurriaan fixed his depression on a carnivore diet

Jurriaan’s Struggles with Health Issues on a Plant-Based Diet Jurriaan, 32, is a personal trainer from the Netherlands who suffered from a laundry list of health issues, including anxiety, depression, low libido, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue while following a plant-based diet. He lost muscle and experienced other issues that only worsened, leading to his search for a solution to

Stephen improved his muscle mass, digestion, and skin on a carnivore diet

My Belief in Calories In/Calories Out Theory   From my teenage years, I fully believed in the calories in/calories out theory. I believed that carbs were good for you and I looked pretty good. I even competed in a bodybuilding tournament (all natural, no steroid show).   My Active Lifestyle and Healthy Eating Habits   I played semi-professional soccer and

Andrew improved digestion, brain fog, joint pain, libido on carnivore diet

“I gave up alcohol five years ago, which is a great achievement in itself,” Andrew begins. “But two years after giving up the drink, I thought my health would have improved, but it got worse. I had problems with my libido, gut issues, brain fog, poor memory, joint pain, lack of energy, and I became fat.”   Struggles with Health

Sean improved fitness, chronic joint and back pain on carnivore diet

My story:   When I turned 40 in July 2017, I was “living a good life” filled with “good food” and “good booze”. What wasn’t good was my health. I was fat. My back hurt. My knees hurt. When I bent over to tie my shoes, I couldn’t breathe. I was always tired because I had a bad case of

Stephen improved blood sugar, dental health, digestion on carnivore diet

The Problematic Nickname   I am 25, 175lbs, stronger, happier, with better skin and digestion, than I’ve had since I was 17. Growing up, my family, in an attempt to chastise me or tease me, gave me a sort of nickname regarding food: “cookies, cakes and candies.”   I loved sweets, and was known to eat all my brothers’ winter

Mr. V improved cardiovascular health, mental health, sex on carnivore diet

I want to share my story with people and hope it may be able to encourage and inspire someone who may be in a position where I used to be. So where do I begin? I am currently 41 years old and probably in the best shape of my life of my adult years.   Childhood Addiction to Food  

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