Caelin healed digestive issues, testosterone, high blood pressure on a Carnivore lifestyle

Caelin’s Struggles with GI Issues and IBS


Caelin has been struggling with gastrointestinal issues and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for most of his life. Caelin says though he never sought medical treatment for his IBS, it wasn’t uncommon for him to use the restroom up to fifteen times per day.


Caelin also struggled with mood instability and trouble focusing and had been on Aderol, a medication known for treating ADHD, for several years. Caelin also got testosterone injections to balance his hormones but struggled to gain muscle at the gym.


Caelin Discovers the Carnivore Diet


Caelin has worked in the health and fitness industry for most of his adult life. He knew his issues were not normal, but conventional health protocols were not helping him.


One day he was on Twitter and saw testimony from a user who claimed to heal their IBS within ninety days of living the carnivore lifestyle. Caelin researched the carnivore diet and listened to Dr. Shawn Baker’s testimony on Joe Rogan’s podcast and other advocates like Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson and Amber O’Hearn.


Caelin’s Experience with the Carnivore Diet


Caelin said he decided to start on the diet–slowly. Initially, Caelin ate mostly ground beef but used non-carnivore-approved sauces like barbecue and steak sauce.


Thanks to his bowels, he soon learned that the sauces hindered his success with the carnivore diet. He also drank some alcohol in the beginning. Still, after one month of following the carnivore diet, Caelin says he was seventy percent cured.


Caelin says after just a few months on the carnivore diet, he no longer desired to drink alcohol. Caelin would go on to realize that coffee was holding him back from complete healing.


He tried reducing the amount of coffee he drank but ultimately had to stop it altogether. Once he eliminated coffee, his recovery sped up.


Caelin’s Results from the Carnivore Diet


After one year on the carnivore diet, Caelin has been able to wean himself off of testosterone injections and says he is building more muscle now as a carnivore diet follower than when he was taking testosterone.


Now that Caelin has been following the carnivore diet for two years, he says he uses the restroom once a day, sometimes less, and has much more control over his bowel movements. Caelin also says his moods are more stable, and he has much better mental clarity.


Caelin’s Current Diet and Advice for Others


Today Caelin still sticks to mainly eating beef– particularly grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef and chuck roast, which he buys locally. He also eats liver occasionally, though he admits he doesn’t like the taste.


Caelin recently added egg yolks to his diet, which he has learned must be fully cooked for his body to tolerate. And he has found a love for raw milk. Caelin says his body has never been able to handle any milk, but for some reason, raw milk works.


Caelin advises anyone looking to begin their journey to health with the carnivore diet to “keep it so simple a toddler could do it.” Caelin is grateful he has regained his health and life with the carnivore way of eating and looks forward to sharing his story with others.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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