Yasmeen thanks to Carnivore after 7.5 years of being vegan, reversed skin, IBS and fibromyalgia

Struggling with Veganism


Yasmeen struggled for years with an eating disorder and malnutrition before deciding to follow the vegan diet for seven and half years– sending her body into a downward spiral. Yasmeen says she tried all types of veganism: fruitarian, raw, juicing– nothing worked. Her body kept suffering more and more.


Yasmeen says she met with a culture of gaslighting and guilting in the vegan community. Yasmeen had fibromyalgia, bloating, fatigue, and anemia. Instead of offering support, her vegan community told her she was “detoxing.” Yasmeen says she kept thinking, “I feel horrible, but I must be getting better.”


Yasmeen’s body was deteriorating quickly. She began to develop welts and sores on her tongue, and her doctors couldn’t determine what was causing the issue. Yasmeen also says her skin and gums were gray and looked very sickly. Yasmeen started seeing stories online of vegan deterioration. At that point, she began connecting the dots between her condition and diet.


Cravings and the Carnivore Experiment


Yasmee dreamed of raising animals like goats on a farm and said, “I knew my diet wasn’t sustainable.” One day she woke up and said, “I just knew I needed blood.” She decided to do a little experiment. She was craving eggs, which she hadn’t had in years.


She ate two eggs in what she thought would be the grossest way possible–raw. She felt her “silly craving” would disappear once she tried to eat a raw egg. To her surprise, she says the eggs tasted incredibly creamy and delicious. Yasmeen says she doesn’t know what happened, but the moment she ate the eggs, her brain “zinged” back to life.


Healing with the Carnivore Diet


At this point, Yasmeen started questioning her vegan lifestyle. She had never consumed liver before but suddenly craved raw liver. Once she tried liver, she says it was like eating candy– she couldn’t stop eating it. Yasmeen also tried eating steak but says her body swelled. She would later learn her body was trying to dump oxalates, causing the swelling. 


Initially, Yasmeen started her carnivore journey by eating many eggs and organs. She then started testing other foods to see how her body would react. She says, “The further I went, the better I got.” Today Yasmeen says a typical day consists of yogurt, eggs, and burgers. Yasmeen has also added in-season stone fruits to her diet, which she says helps with her microbiome.


Surprising Side Effects


Yasmeen healed her fibromyalgia, bloating, iron deficiency, and fatigue following the carnivore diet. She says she later learned that the sores on her tongue were caused by an imbalance in her gut, which the carnivore diet cured. 


Yasmeen has also had some surprising side effects from adopting a carnivore lifestyle. She says she is now very fertile, and her body has recomposed itself so that she now has a more womanly figure.


Yasmeen also says her gums, once gray, turned a healthy red just a few days into her carnivore diet journey, and her skin looks much more healthy and vibrant. She also says her nervous system was once frazzled and now feels like she is emotionally in a much better place.


The End of Veganism


Yasmeen knows now the vegan diet was detrimental to her health and says she will never put her body through veganism again. Yasmeen plans to follow the Carnivore way of eating for the rest of her life. She says, “I know now that there is something that works.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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