December 29, 2021

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Ame lost weight, balanced hormones, and is free from food addiction on carnivore lifestyle

Ame’s Struggle with Weight and Food Addiction   Ame is a mom of five and says she discovered the carnivore diet after years of dieting without any success. Ame had an addiction to food that she struggled to control. She says she ate the Standard American Diet and was overweight. Her weight made it difficult for Ame to feel confident

Gregory overcame weight, lymphedema, high blood pressure, prediabetes on a carnivore diet

Greg’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet   Gregory, who goes by Greg, describes having a “laundry list” of ailments before finding the carnivore way of eating.   The Negative Impact of Greg’s Previous Diet   Greg is now seventy years old and says he used to eat a very sugary and highly processed version of the Standard American Diet. Greg

Hannah eliminated migraines, healed her skin from rashes and acne on a carnivore diet

Childhood Struggles with Weight and Health Issues Hannah grew up in a low-income family, so many meals “came from a box.” Hannah says her mom would make a roast or something homemade on Sundays, but she ate ramen noodles, boxed macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti every other day of the week. Hannah gained weight as a child and teen and

Dan lost weight, reduced blood pressure, reversed inflammation on carnivore lifestyle

Dan’s Health Struggles    Dan drives a truck and says he spent many years eating whatever he could find at a gas station– which was almost always highly processed. Dan says his years of eating “garbage” caught up to him. He struggled to keep his blood pressure in a normal range. His doctor put him on blood pressure medications, increasing

Edward completely eliminated all medications on a carnivore diet

Edward, who goes by Ed, had been steadily gaining weight and, at one point, was considered morbidly obese at 372 lbs. Ed’s health issues were not just conducive to his weight. He also developed type 2 diabetes; his A1C was 6.7 at its highest. And his blood pressure regularly ran around 180/100, and his triglycerides were also in the 300s.

Natália improved sleep, skin, depression, SIBO and histamine issues on carnivore diet

Natalia’s Struggle with Carbohydrates and Food Intolerances Before she found the carnivore way of eating, Natalia says she would often cry after she ate because the carbohydrates in her meals sent her into a spiral of depression. Natalia has a histamine intolerance and many food intolerances and says she can now recognize her mood would instantly change anytime she ate

Holland lost weight and feels much younger on a carnivore lifestyle

Holland’s Failed Attempts at Diets Holland has tried just about every diet out there. He describes trying the paleo and Atkins diets with no success. He even dated a vegan woman for six months, who convinced him to try the vegan diet. Holland says she was a nurse, and he spent months listening to her tell him the ketogenic and

Travis was paralyzed and overmedicated and the carnivore diet gave him life and mobility

Travis’ Battle with Health    Travis has had a long and complicated battle with his health. Travis was tested and diagnosed with celiac disease as an infant. Travis says one would think eliminating grains from his diet at such an early age meant he ate very healthily, but unfortunately, such was not valid. Travis says he ate a lot of

Jackie resolved high blood pressure and heartburn on a carnivore lifestyle

Jackie’s Health Journey Jackie says her health wasn’t much of a concern until she was in her forties. Jackie is 5’1” and says for most of her life, she was “average size.” However, once she hit her forties and started the process of menopause, she gained a lot of weight. Jackie tried to combat her sudden increase in weight by

Stephanie eliminated inflammation, pain, weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Introduction: Stephanie’s Struggle with Weight and Inflammation   Stephanie has been overweight since she was a teenager. She says, for her, working out was never the problem. Stephanie has enjoyed playing sports and doing other exercises in hopes of losing fat but struggled with her diet.   Stephanie says for most of her life, she ate the Standard American Diet,

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