Travis was paralyzed and overmedicated and the carnivore diet gave him life and mobility

Travis’ Battle with Health 


Travis has had a long and complicated battle with his health. Travis was tested and diagnosed with celiac disease as an infant. Travis says one would think eliminating grains from his diet at such an early age meant he ate very healthily, but unfortunately, such was not valid. Travis says he ate a lot of high-sugar and high-carbohydrate gluten-free foods like potatoes, sodas, and Snickers bars.


The Carnivore Diet Journey 


Travis has spent most of his life practicing “trial and error” with foods. He says even as a kid, if he ate something his body didn’t like, he would often be bedridden for hours or days with an upset stomach or achy joints. As an adult, Travis says he lived a very sedentary lifestyle and, at 5’9”, weighed 209 pounds at his heaviest.


Regaining His Life with Carnivore 


Travis says his health took a turn for the worse four years ago. Travis lost the ability to carry weight in his legs and walk. After just a few days, he struggled to breathe and use his hands. Travis was becoming paralyzed, and doctors could not figure out why. He was admitted to the hospital, diagnosed with myelin disorder, and pumped full of medications.


Travis started going to rehabilitation therapy and was put on fifteen medications. When Travis left the hospital, he could take a few steps. However, he could not drive as it was determined his reaction time now suffered. Travis says for around a year, “I felt like I was a ninety-year-old with dementia.” The medications he was on made it difficult to focus, and his memory suffered. Travis says his memory was so bad some days he would forget the names of his three small children.


The Impact of the Carnivore Diet 


Travis fell into depression as he watched his life slip away. He struggled to walk across his house and felt like much of his parenting was falling on his wife as he couldn’t be an active dad. Travis’ mom had her own health issues and stumbled across Dr. Shawn Baker. She suggested Travis try the carnivore diet. At that point, Travis felt like he had nothing to lose, so he decided to try a meat-only diet.


Travis says the first week of the carnivore diet was one of the most challenging weeks of his life as he battled intense carb withdrawals. However, he made it through the week, and two weeks into the diet, he noticed he was regaining his memory and mental clarity. Travis decided to step onto the scales three weeks into the diet and was shocked to find he had lost ten pounds without hardly trying.


Thriving with Carnivore 


Travis has been following the carnivore diet for one year and says he has been able to reduce the number of medications he was taking. Travis says at the beginning of his carnivore journey, he ate a lot of hamburger patties and tuna steaks. Now Travis eats up to three ribeyes a day. Travis says he went from barely walking across his house to walking ten to twelve miles per day by following the carnivore diet.


Travis’ wife and parents are now carnivore diet followers as well. Travis says his wife was able to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose a lot of weight. He also says his parents are thriving, even as they age, because of their carnivore diet.


Gratitude for the Carnivore Lifestyle 


Travis says, “I am so thankful to Dr. Baker and the others pushing this way of eating.” He advises anyone wanting to start their own carnivore journey to “give it thirty days.” Travis says he knows anyone will feel a difference after just a couple of weeks of following the diet. Travis is grateful he has regained his life back because of the carnivore diet and plans to follow this way of eating for the rest of his life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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