Jackie resolved high blood pressure and heartburn on a carnivore lifestyle

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I have been eating carnivore since December 26, 2019 – 576 days as I write this.

I am 59 years old, I am 5’ 1” tall and weighed 190 lbs at my heaviest and now I weigh 130.

I have lost 60 lbs.

The first positive thing that happened with carnivore is the complete elimination of my horrible and ongoing heartburn!  This happened after about 1 month Carnivore.

The most serious problem that was solved is my high blood pressure. I have struggled with uncontrolled high blood pressure for many years.  Doctors tried 2 medications at once and so many various other blood pressure medications and I still had high blood pressure.  After about a year eating carnivore, my blood pressure is normal.  NORMAL!

Before carnivore, I had “fat hands”, a painful swollen feeling in my hands and joints.  This problem was so debilitating in the morning when I’d wake.  It took me awhile to “warm up” my hands for use.  I sought out help from 2 different doctors.  One doctor insisted that carpel tunnel surgery would help.  I never got the surgery and thought I’d just wait and see if things improved after carnivore eating.  Today I have absolutely no problem with my hands and joints.  I was likely suffering from inflammation but regular doctors never came to this determination.  Their solution was surgery.

There are many other nice changes that have happened.  For instance, I sleep better but that may be also due to aligning my body’s circadian rhythm with the sun.  I block blue light after dark and try to remove artificial lighting whenever possible.  I have an amazing feeling of well being.  I can’t even describe it, but, a feeling within me all the time that is so pleasant.  I just feel good!  I love it.  I don’t get sleepy in the middle of the day or when I drive for long periods of time.  I have an even feeling with my moods and just a great sense of control.

I am more energetic but I really haven’t exercised like I did in the past.  I used to “kill” myself exercising when I was on diets in the past.  With carnivore, all I’ve done really is walk, swim, some bike riding but I’m terribly inconsistent with exercise.  I just do it when I feel like it.  This is so great!

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