Dan lost weight, reduced blood pressure, reversed inflammation on carnivore lifestyle

Dan’s Health Struggles 


Dan drives a truck and says he spent many years eating whatever he could find at a gas station– which was almost always highly processed. Dan says his years of eating “garbage” caught up to him. He struggled to keep his blood pressure in a normal range. His doctor put him on blood pressure medications, increasing the dose every year. Dan was on four different blood pressure medications at one point, and his doctor had told him that if he couldn’t get his blood pressure under control, he would need to see a cardiologist. 


Dan also struggled with his weight. At 5’10”, he weighed 323 pounds at his heaviest. Dan has been powerlifting for several years but says he struggled to find the energy to work out. Dan also had pain from inflammation in his knees and shoulder, and his feet had swollen.


Trying the Carnivore Diet 


Dan tried to follow the ketogenic diet while on the road but found that it wasn’t sustainable for his life. A friend of his told him about the carnivore diet. Dan listened to an audiobook while on the road about the diet and two days later decided to try the carnivore way of eating.


Dan’s Results from the Carnivore Diet 


Dan says, like most individuals, he experienced some diarrhea in the first few weeks of his carnivore diet journey, but the stomach issues didn’t last long. Dan says he was home for the first nineteen days of his carnivore diet journey and, in those nineteen days, lost eighteen pounds– without exercise! Dan was amazed at how easily the excess weight “melted” off. Dan says his weight eventually stalled around the time he had lost forty pounds, so he added in working out, which has helped him steadily lose more weight and gain muscle. 


Dan says he didn’t realize how bad he felt before finding the carnivore lifestyle until he no longer felt that way. Today, Dan is off half the medications he was on for high blood pressure. Dan also says he no longer experiences pain in his knees and shoulders, and he had to buy new work boots because he no longer has swelling in his feet. Dan also says his “energy is through the roof.” He talks about having more energy to work out and help his wife more around the house.


[h2] Dan’s Carnivore Lifestyle 

Dan says there was a point in his carnivore journey where he only ate beef, salt, and water for thirty days to test what foods would be best for his body. Today, Dan says his diet consists of meat, cheese, butter, and eggs. Dan’s family is fortunate enough to own their chickens so that he can eat fresh eggs. He also says he occasionally enjoys alcohol but is very cautious about when and how much he drinks. 

Dan says the carnivore way of eating has opened up “a whole new world” for him and is “the easiest diet I’ve ever done.” He loves the simplicity of the carnivore diet and says, “I feel so much better.” Dan later says he plans to stick to this lifestyle and that for him, the carnivore way of eating is so much more than a diet. He says, “the carnivore diet isn’t a diet for me; it’s a way of life.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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