Ame lost weight, balanced hormones, and is free from food addiction on carnivore lifestyle

Ame’s Struggle with Weight and Food Addiction


Ame is a mom of five and says she discovered the carnivore diet after years of dieting without any success. Ame had an addiction to food that she struggled to control. She says she ate the Standard American Diet and was overweight. Her weight made it difficult for Ame to feel confident or appreciate her appearance.


Discovery of the Carnivore Diet


Ame was eight months postpartum and nursing her infant daughter when she decided to try the carnivore diet. Ame says the carnivore diet seemed like just another diet to lose weight.


She had tried paleo and ketogenic diets with very little success. She says she would try eating chicken breast and other non-fatty meats but always felt hungry.


Ame’s Experience on the Carnivore Diet


Since Ame was nursing, she had to be careful initially with her food intake. She says she rarely felt hungry on the carnivore diet because she ate foods like eggs, steak, and ground beef.


There came the point, to maintain her breast milk supply, Ame had to force herself to eat. However, her body did even out, and she regained typical hunger cues. Ame also says she struggled with insecurities at the beginning of her carnivore journey.


She had to learn not to worry about what others would think about her new lifestyle and to do what was best for her body.


Unexpected Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


Ame has now been following the carnivore way of eating for three years. Ame says, “I came to the carnivore diet for the weight loss but stayed for the health benefits.” Ame describes her gratitude for losing her baby weight– over thirty pounds!


Ame also says she gained several unexpected benefits through the carnivore diet. She says her skin is clearer, she no longer has dark circles under her eyes, and her energy has improved.


Ame’s Current Diet and Family’s Journey to Health


Amy is currently following a beef, water, and salt challenge ending in ten days. However, she says she usually eats (in addition to beef) pork, bacon, eggs, and chicken thighs.


Amy also enjoys organ meats and says beef liver and heart are her favorite. Amy avoids dairy as it makes her skin break out, but she does enjoy black coffee from time to time. Ame says she no longer drinks nearly as much coffee as she used to since she does not use it for energy but rather enjoys the taste.


Ame’s family has also joined her in her journey to health. Ame says her husband was already into health and fitness before she started her carnivore journey, but after seeing her results, he decided to join her too.


Ame also says her five kids are meat-based. She says her kids eat other foods like fruit and vegetables, but meat is their primary food.


Ame’s Advice for Starting a Carnivore Diet Journey


Ame says her advice to anyone looking to start their carnivore diet journey is to do a lot of research. She also suggests eating various animal-based foods initially to find what works for your body.


Ame is grateful she has not only been able to sustain weight loss with the carnivore diet but has improved her health. She says, “I’m fueling my body in the best way possible.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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