Gregory overcame weight, lymphedema, high blood pressure, prediabetes on a carnivore diet

Greg’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Gregory, who goes by Greg, describes having a “laundry list” of ailments before finding the carnivore way of eating.


The Negative Impact of Greg’s Previous Diet


Greg is now seventy years old and says he used to eat a very sugary and highly processed version of the Standard American Diet. Greg was an avid Coca-Cola drinker, having had a bit of addiction since his teens, and loved pastries and chocolate. He says without realizing it, he also ate a lot of seed oils which he didn’t know were affecting his health.


Greg’s Health Issues Before the Carnivore Diet


Greg says he technically had cancer as he developed a mild non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Greg was also diagnosed as prediabetic, with an A1C hovering around six. He also had high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, leaky gut, and a bad aortic valve which he would eventually have surgery to correct. However, Geg’s most significant health issue was his weight. At his heaviest, Greg weighed 330 pounds, putting a lot of pressure on his joints, which caused a lot of inflammation and made it difficult to be active.


Greg’s Transition to the Carnivore Diet


Greg had heard of the carnivore diet and did extensive research before starting his health journey. He says he read as much as he could online, listened to lectures, and followed Dr. Shawn Baker. Greg says he knew if he jumped into the carnivore way of eating cold turkey, he would undoubtedly have sugar and carbohydrate withdrawal issues. So he decided to get into the diet slowly.


Greg first cut french fries and other foods typically cooked with seed oils. Then he started eating burgers without the bun and cut fruit and vegetables. His final elimination came from baker’s chocolate which he kept on hand for emergencies. That was two years ago, and Greg has been following a strict version of the carnivore diet ever since.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Greg’s Health


Greg says his weight loss with the carnivore diet has been steady. He has consistently lost 1.5-2 pounds per week and currently weighs 194 pounds. Greg is no longer considered prediabetic or struggles with high blood pressure, and many of his ailments have been healing themselves. He talks about having more energy now at the age of seventy than he has had for most of his life, and his pain and inflammation are gone.


Greg’s Eating Habits on the Carnivore Diet


Greg eats one meal a day and says most days, he isn’t hungry. He even speaks of fasting for six days while in the hospital for surgery because he wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to eat the highly processed hospital food. Greg also says he typically eats a 1-1.25 pound ribeye daily and jokes he can’t eat as much ribeye as Dr. Baker.


Greg’s Success with the Carnivore Diet


Greg says after seeing his success, his wife is currently converting to the carnivore way of eating and has seen many benefits. Greg says, “I feel like an evangelist for this diet.” He loves sharing his success with others and says he doesn’t look or feel like the same person. Although Greg may have made some poor decisions for his health before finding the carnivore way of eating, he is committed to making his health a priority now and has no plans to turn back.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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