Cindy resolved liver issues, headaches, fatigue, brain lesions all from a Carnivore lifestyle

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Cindy has had a myriad of health issues throughout her life. Cindy was diagnosed with lupus which made her feel heavily fatigued, and she often struggled to get out of bed before eleven in the morning. Cindy was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome; her doctor even discovered white matter, or tumors, on her brain.

Cindy’s lupus made it difficult to walk. She says, “I felt like I was carrying an extra eight hundred pounds.” Her lupus also affected her extremities, like her hands and feet, and the nerves used for her breathing and heartbeat. Before she found the carnivore diet, Cindy was a vegetarian for seven years. Cindy says her health conditions continued to worsen, and she was put on multiple medications.

Cindy was desperate to find something that could help her. Cindy consulted her doctors, who told her to follow a “healthier” version of the Standard American Diet– lots of grains and very little fat and protein. That diet did little to help Cindy, so she searched for answers independently.

Like many others, she first began her journey to the carnivore diet with the ketogenic diet. Cindy says she followed a leptin-free version of the keto diet which included a lot of vegetables and some meat. Cindy says reducing her carbohydrate intake helped her feel better within a few weeks; however, she still felt like her body was struggling.

One day she was searching the internet and began learning about oxalates and other plant toxins. Cindy decided to try cutting vegetables from her diet. Cindy says she didn’t like meat then but soon found she was craving it. She also found the meat satisfied her in a way that vegetables couldn’t.

Cindy says slowly, she felt better. Her eight hundred pounds started to feel like more like a five hundred pound weight, and then one hundred. She also had an annual MRI performed on her brain during this time, where her doctors were shocked to find all the white matter was gone. Cindy says today she doesn’t feel cured entirely, but rather, more normal. She can now get up between five and six in the morning to exercise, something she could never do in the past.

Cindy says she eats three meals daily but has recently found she is practically forcing herself to eat lunch. And so, she is considering moving to more of a two-meal-a-day schedule with breakfast and dinner. Cindy also says her body craves and prefers beef, so she eats beef most often. Cindy does eat eggs and drinks coffee, but since she is lactose intolerant, she avoids cheese. Cindy has also found a love for liver and says it gives her energy. Cindy has also added a few vegetables but practices caution when eating anything outside of animal products.

Cindy has come a long way in her health journey. She has reduced and even eliminated some medications doctors told her she would be on for the rest of her life. Cindy is grateful that she discovered the carnivore diet and plans to tweak it as she goes. She says she feels like she isn’t completely cured but is finding what works best for her.

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