December 30, 2021

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Kimberly resolved adult-onset cystic acne and lost 15lbs

From Athleticism to Inactivity: A Weight Gain Story   Kimberly describes before finding the carnivore way of eating, her diet “could have been better.” Kimberly was an athlete for most of her childhood and into her early twenties. Kimberly says she ate whatever she wanted on the Standard American Diet and didn’t fear gaining weight because she was so active.

Matt healed eczema, dandruff, skin burning, gut issues, low energy on animal based diet

Matt’s Standard Australian Diet and Sugar Addiction Matt lives in Australia and says his diet, before finding a meat-based way of eating, is what he would consider the Standard Australian Diet. His diet was heavily based on carbs: cereal, sandwiches, and desserts, with maybe some meat and a couple of vegetables for dinner. Matt says he can recognize now he

Austen cleared up my psoriasis lesions all on a carnivore lifestyle

Austen has been struggling with gluten intolerance his entire life. In his senior year of college, at the age of twenty-two, Austen developed dry flakey patches on his skin, which he would later find out were caused by psoriasis. Austen says he was eating a lot of chicken, broccoli, and rice at the time, and his dermatologist told him there

Leigh has eliminated her seizures, gained energy and now lifts on a ketovore lifestyle

Leigh’s life has completely changed since she started following the carnivore diet. Leigh has been suffering from partial seizures since she was just eighteen months old. She says her doctors tried many different medications and treatment plans for years, but nothing worked. Leigh would still have two to three seizures a month. Leigh also struggled with her weight, having weighed

Anne has put her frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in remission on carnivore diet

A Shoulder Injury Leads to a Change in Diet   Anne lives in Vancouver and says growing up, she ate a lot of carbohydrates, especially rice. Anne has been suffering from migraines with aura since she was thirteen years old, but a problem with her shoulder got her attention and made her want to change her diet. About a year

Sweta’s carnivore lifestyle reversed ulcerative colitis and got her off medication

Sweta’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet Sweta is a mom of two and says her journey to the carnivore way of eating happened very slowly. Sweta was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a young adult. In 2006, she started following a low-carbohydrate diet, which transitioned to paleo, back to low-carb, before she settled into the ketogenic diet.   Finding Relief

Joel’s arthritis, spine issues and chronic tendinitis in full remission on carnivore diet

Living with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Joel has had psoriasis since he was a young child– he doesn’t remember a time in his life when he didn’t have psoriasis. Joel says the autoimmune condition has always been a part of his life. Joel also says he was given various medications and creams, but nothing worked. Joel, like many individuals diagnosed

Tammy reversed arthritis, simple seizures, PCOS on a Carnivore lifestyle

Tammy is originally from the United States but lives in Uraguay with her husband. She has an incredible story of healing thanks to the carnivore way of eating. Tammy describes for most of her life, she ate the Standard American Diet. Tammy has always been a naturally thin person. She says she weighed ninety-eight pounds for most of her life

Larry healed back pain, anxiety, depression, gut issues and skin issues on carnivore diet

Larry’s parents are from Bosnia, and he says he grew up eating a relatively healthy diet. In Bosnia, many meals are centered around meat, organs, and potatoes. Larry says his diet changed to a more Standard American Diet as he got older. He ate a lot of pizza and Mcdonald’s, including cheeseburgers.   Larry says around the time he turned

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