Matt healed eczema, dandruff, skin burning, gut issues, low energy on animal based diet

Matt’s Standard Australian Diet and Sugar Addiction

Matt lives in Australia and says his diet, before finding a meat-based way of eating, is what he would consider the Standard Australian Diet. His diet was heavily based on carbs: cereal, sandwiches, and desserts, with maybe some meat and a couple of vegetables for dinner. Matt says he can recognize now he used to be a sugar addict. He was also very dependent on carbs and drank a lot of alcohol.


Health Conditions Due to Inflammation

Matt says he developed several health conditions, particularly with his skin, over the years that he attributed to getting older. He describes having eczema covering over half of his body, severe dandruff, bags under his eyes, pale skin, and a tendency to burn quickly in the sun. Matt says he now understands that the issues with his skin were caused by inflammation.


Carbs, Fatty Meats, and Muscle Building in Vietnam

Matt lived in Vietnam for a time and said he ate a lot of carbs (mainly rice) there. He describes after his lunch, he would often take a nap because the carbs made him feel very sleepy. However, Matt did notice in Vietnam, he was able to build muscle more efficiently, which he says was because he was eating fattier meats.


From Paleo to Meat-based Diet: Improving Nutrition for Free Diving and Ninja Warrior Training

Matt got into free diving, which requires an individual to be in optimal shape and to hold their breath for extended periods. At this point, Matt says he started to take his nutrition and diet more seriously. Matt began to follow the paleo diet, which meant no grains, refined sugar, little meat, and many vegetables. Matt says he did start to see some improvements in his health while following the paleo diet. However, he describes feeling famished the first week on the diet and still struggling to be in optimal health.


Improved Skin Conditions and Increased Strength with Meat-based Diet

Since Matt has implemented a meat-based diet, he says his skin conditions have improved drastically. His eczema disappeared, as well as his dandruff and the bags underneath his eyes. Matt also says he no longer burns when he enters the sun.


Eight months ago, Matt discovered ninja warrior training. Matt says he is not a professional, but the activity requires him to build many muscles and maintain high energy levels. He again researched ways to improve his diet and stumbled across research linking meat and organ consumption to muscle strength. Four months ago, Matt began following a meat-based diet and says his strength improved two hundred percent in a short time.


Matt’s 80% Meat Diet with Organ Meats: Fuel for High Energy Activities

Today Matt says his diet is eighty percent meat with some in-season fruit and lower-level toxic plants. Matt says he typically enjoys two meals daily and eats various meat, including kangaroo, which he can source from his local butcher in Australia. Matt also says he eats a lot of organ meats. He describes the first time he ate organs, his body felt like he had drank four cups of coffee. He couldn’t believe the surge of energy he obtained by eating organs.


Matt says his new diet provides “fuel for what I do.” He is amazed by the “boundless energy” eating a meat-based diet has given him, and he looks forward to what he can achieve with his new lifestyle.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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