Austen cleared up my psoriasis lesions all on a carnivore lifestyle

Austen has been struggling with gluten intolerance his entire life. In his senior year of college, at the age of twenty-two, Austen developed dry flakey patches on his skin, which he would later find out were caused by psoriasis. Austen says he was eating a lot of chicken, broccoli, and rice at the time, and his dermatologist told him there was nothing he could do diet-wise to change his lot in life.


His dermatologist wrote him a prescription for a steroid cream and sent him on his way. Austen says he went to fill his medication the next day and was shocked when he was presented with a three-hundred dollar bill. He decided that he needed to find another way to treat his psoriasis.


Austen searched on YouTube and Reddit to find alternatives for treating his psoriasis. He says, unfortunately, most of what he found was individuals touting the vegan diet. He says, “it was basically the blind leading the blind.”


Austen followed the vegan diet, consuming many vegetables for eight months. He saw minimal improvement in his skin. Austen says it was only during the summer months, when his body received more vitamin D from the sun, that he saw minor fading of his psoriasis. Austen also felt ill following the vegan diet and says he began to notice he struggled during his workouts.


Austen stumbled across the infamous Joe Rogan podcast, where he interviewed Dr. Shawn Baker. Austen says initially, he didn’t believe anything Dr. Baker had to say. Later he would realize he was in denial of sorts, especially since meat is his favorite food, and he had been denying himself what his body craved for so many months.


Austen followed the vegan diet for a few more months and then transitioned to the paleo diet. He says his version of the paleo diet began heavily based on vegetables; however, the first time he tried meat after so many months of not having it, his “body lit up.” Austen couldn’t believe how wonderful he felt every time he ate meat. He began to think there might be truth to what Dr. Baker shared about the benefits of a meat-based diet.


Austen jumped into carnivore head first and said he ate over four pounds of meat the first day. He experienced the typical “keto flu” symptoms, but after his initial transition, he felt “amazing.” Austen says within five months, his psoriasis cleared up. He also noticed his libido improved, as well as his performance in the gym.


Today Austen says he eats a lot of beef, some in-season fruits, and honey–especially before a workout. Austen has been experimenting with raw milk within the last week or so and says, so far, he hasn’t had adverse reactions. Austen says he eats organ meats and feels the organs take his energy to another level.


Austen says it takes discipline for anyone looking to start the carnivore diet, but it is worth it. He says his advice is to try it for six months, and from his experience, the carnivore way of eating will give the best results over any other diet. Austen appreciates the carnivore community and the control he has gained over his health since becoming a carnivore diet follower.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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