Jason’s animal based low-carbohydrate diet and weight training reversed metabolic syndrome

Jason’s Journey to Optimal Health

Jason has been on a journey to optimal health for over a decade. Jason is now a health coach but previously taught biology and is very knowledgeable about human health. In 2009, Jason went to his doctor for a check-up, where he discovered that he was overweight at 254 pounds and had high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Jason says, “I decided then and there I wasn’t going to have those health issues.”


Eliminating Grains and Flour

Jason embarked on a health journey that began with eliminating grains and flour. From there, Jason learned about the dangers of seed oils and soon eliminated them from his diet. At this point, Jason was eating a paleo-like diet of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Then Jason started to focus on eating more meat and began to follow the ketogenic diet.


Discovering the Importance of Red Meat

Over several years, Jason lost sixty-five pounds but was still on a journey for optimal health. Because of his background in biology, Jason understood the role certain foods played in his health and started to understand the importance of meat – particularly red meat. In 2018, Jason discovered Dr. Shawn Baker and filmmaker Chris Bell, who are both advocates of the carnivore diet. Jason began to follow what he called a diet that is adjacent to the carnivore way of eating.


Following a Diet Adjacent to the Carnivore Way of Eating

Jason uses the example of bullseye when explaining what he eats and why he feels it is essential to consume those particular foods. In the middle of the bullseye is red meat. Jason explains red meat is the most nutrient food with a high source of heme iron and other nutrients. Jason says most of his meals revolve around red meat because he understands its importance for his health.


Jason then describes the first ring around the bullseye contains other non-red meats like fish, chicken, and eggs, which are nutritious but not as nutritionally dense as red meat. Jason says he often eats eggs, particularly liquid egg whites, and enjoys salmon a few times a week. He also says the first ring contains dairy– if an individual can tolerate it. Jason eats cottage cheese on occasion as well as other cheeses.


The third ring contains in-season fruits and lower-toxic vegetables. Jason doesn’t eat many fruits or vegetables but will enjoy them occasionally. He explains that while fruits and vegetables are better than processed garbage, neither is nearly as nutritious as red meat.


The Bullseye Approach to Nutrition

Jason also works out twice daily and compares exercising to brushing his teeth. He says, “most people brush their teeth not just once but twice a day.” Jason typically exercises with cardio in the mornings and lifts weights in the evenings. He also likes to take outdoor walks multiple times a day.


Jason’s Passion for Health and Nutrition

Jason is very passionate about health and nutrition. He has even written books on the topic. His first book “Live Like an Athlete” is available on Amazon, and he is currently writing his second book, “Eat Meat Not Wheat.”


Tips for a Meat-Based Diet

Jason says he advises anyone seeking a meat-based diet to focus on protein goals first. He explains that most individuals will feel completely satisfied and less likely to have cravings if they eat enough protein throughout the day. Jason is excited to continue sharing his wealth of nutrition knowledge and looks forward to many years of health and wellness.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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