Kimberly resolved adult-onset cystic acne and lost 15lbs

From Athleticism to Inactivity: A Weight Gain Story


Kimberly describes before finding the carnivore way of eating, her diet “could have been better.” Kimberly was an athlete for most of her childhood and into her early twenties. Kimberly says she ate whatever she wanted on the Standard American Diet and didn’t fear gaining weight because she was so active.


That all changed when she injured her knee while playing volleyball in college. Kimberly suddenly became very inactive and started to put on weight.


The Struggle with Traditional Weight Loss Methods


At her heaviest, Kimberly weighed 260 pounds. Kimberly says at just twenty-four years old, she was well on her way to becoming diabetic.


Kimberly also developed eczema, cystic acne, and severe bloating. She spent several years trying to lose weight with an “eat less, move more mentality,” but nothing worked.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet


In 2018, Kimberly learned about the carnivore diet and the effects of fiber on the gut by listening to Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Kevin Stock. Kimberly decided to jump into the diet “cold turkey” the day before Thanksgiving of that year.


Kimberly says she initially lost ten pounds in twelve days. Kimberly also describes experiencing “drizzling drops” (as his father would call it) or severe diarrhea in the first few weeks following the carnivore diet.


Initial Challenges of Starting the Carnivore Diet


Before she started the carnivore diet, Kimberly’s body was so malnourished from years of restricting her diet that she gained twenty pounds in the early days of her journey as her body began to refeed itself with nutrients.


Thankfully she gained insight into what was happening to her body from another carnivore advocate, Kelly Hogan, and she pushed through the weight gain. Once her body was nourished again, she lost weight very quickly.


The Benefits of Nourishing the Body with a Meat-Based Diet


Kimberly says her eczema, cystic acne, and bloating are gone today. Kimberly also says today that building muscle in the gym is effortless, and she has more energy.


Kimberly describes a surprising side effect of her carnivore lifestyle has been her lack of sunburning. She says she is usually outside for many hours at a time for her job. Her skin used to burn very quickly, but now it tans.


Satiety, Energy, and Even Sunburn Prevention: Unexpected Positive Effects of the Carnivore Diet


Kimberly says the number one benefit of her new lifestyle has been her ability to identify her satiety. She describes in the past, she could eat sugary foods like cheesecake without ever feeling satisfied.


Now that her diet is meat-based, she says, “there is only so much protein your body can eat. It’s easy to put the fork down.” Today Kimberly says her primary food sources include ribeye steak and eggs, with some pork, seafood, chicken, and cheese added in.


Kimberly has learned through experimentation her body does not handle butter well, but she does enjoy black coffee every day.


Kimberly is living proof that optimal health and healing are achievable with the carnivore way of eating. Kimberly describes there is freedom in eating for health and not for weight loss.


Though she has encountered some “super judgy” people in her social circles who do not understand her way of eating, she knows this lifestyle is what is best for her. She says, “I’m grateful every day that I found the carnivore diet.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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