Joel’s arthritis, spine issues and chronic tendinitis in full remission on carnivore diet

Living with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Joel has had psoriasis since he was a young child– he doesn’t remember a time in his life when he didn’t have psoriasis. Joel says the autoimmune condition has always been a part of his life. Joel also says he was given various medications and creams, but nothing worked. Joel, like many individuals diagnosed with psoriasis, developed psoriatic arthritis in his late teens and said the pain was so crippling it affected his mental health.


Struggling to Find Relief

Joel also developed chronic tendinitis and experienced intense pain in his back. He became depressed at the thought of being in pain for the rest of his life. Joel says, “I tried to accept that this was going to be my life.”


Discovering the Carnivore Diet

Joel began to learn about the carnivore diet. He says he went into the diet with a “‘what do I have to lose?’ attitude.” He planned to try the diet for a month or two to see if it could help his pain and inflammation. Though he didn’t have many of the traditional transitional issues (such as diarrhea and other gut issues), Joel says around week six in the diet, he could physically feel his body becoming fat-adapted. He struggled with his energy levels and the ability to leave his bed for around twenty-four hours, but luckily, the issue disappeared very quickly.


Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Joel describes feelings of elation two weeks into the diet. The pain and inflammation he had suffered for many years began disappearing. Joel says he couldn’t believe how much relief he felt in such a short time. He says, “I forgot what it was like to feel normal.”


Improved Body Composition and Mental Health

Joel says three and half years later, his psoriasis is ninety-five percent cleared. Joel also says his body composition has changed thanks to the carnivore way of eating, and he finds it much easier to build muscle with his new lifestyle. Joel even says people who do not know him often mistake him for being ten years younger than he is– something he attributes to the carnivore way of eating.


Joel also describes his mental health improved as his pain disappeared. He no longer felt depressed; he says, “I was almost in tears because I felt so good.” Even more minor issues like Joel’s once-chronic gingivitis have disappeared thanks to the carnivore diet.


A Way of Life: The Carnivore Lifestyle

When Joel first started the carnivore diet, he only ate ruminant meats (beef and lamb) and eggs, and cooked with butter. Today Joel has expanded his diet. He still sticks to primarily ruminant meats and says he still eats a lot of eggs, but he also drinks coffee occasionally. Joel also says he will sometimes eat small amounts of dairy but tries to limit his intake since it tends to flare up his psoriasis.


Joel says, “I struggle to call this way of eating a diet.” For Joel, the carnivore lifestyle has meant so much more to him. He is no longer burdened with daily pain and can look forward to his future. Joel has gained control of his life thanks to the carnivore diet and isn’t looking back.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Joel’s arthritis, spine issues and chronic tendinitis in full remission on carnivore diet”

  1. Frankie Ross-Smith

    Wow what an incredible change for Joel. I am always moved when people have such a drastic result, and then wonder why so many people I know resist changing their way of eating, when they too are walking around in pain. Congratulations to Joel for taking action.

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