Tammy reversed arthritis, simple seizures, PCOS on a Carnivore lifestyle

Tammy is originally from the United States but lives in Uraguay with her husband. She has an incredible story of healing thanks to the carnivore way of eating. Tammy describes for most of her life, she ate the Standard American Diet. Tammy has always been a naturally thin person. She says she weighed ninety-eight pounds for most of her life and didn’t think too much about her diet.


Tammy gained twenty pounds around the time she turned forty. Tammy also suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thinning hair, and rosacea. Though Tammy wasn’t in optimal health, nothing could have prepared her for what would come.


Tammy’s Traumatic Brain Injury and Recovery


In March 2015, Tammy suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a slow bleed on her brain. Tammy would later find out she had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain. The condition caused Tammy’s brain to bleed and almost took her life.


Tammy lost the function of the left side of her brain and became paralyzed on the right side of her body. She describes sleeping twenty-two hours a day and struggling to think, speak, or even move a finger. Tammy fought hard to regain control of her body.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet


In 2018, Tammy and her husband were in the United States getting physicals to head back to Uraguay. Tammy’s husband had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so he sought the help of Dr. Ken Berry, who was still seeing patients at the time.


Dr. Berry suggested the carnivore diet to Tammy’s husband. Once Tammy and her husband returned to Uraguay in August 2018, they embarked on their carnivore journey.


Tammy’s Recovery with the Carnivore Diet

Tammy says she fell into the carnivore diet because her husband did all of the cooking, and she didn’t expect a miraculous outcome for herself. However, within two weeks on the diet, she distinctly remembers her husband telling her, “Welcome back to the world.” Tammy began to improve more than she thought possible.


Three years later, Tammy says she has been hesitant to share her story until now because she wanted to articulate what the diet has done for her life. Tammy talks about experiencing steady improvements the longer she has been on the carnivore diet, and today she can share her success without struggling to think or speak. 


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


Tammy says the diet has changed her life in other ways as well. Her hormones are balanced, the pain from a bulging disc is gone, and her rosacea disappeared. More minor things like brown spots on Tammy’s skin or mosquito bites ceasing to itch have also changed since Tammy adopted the carnivore diet as well.


Tammy’s Diet on the Carnivore Lifestyle


Tammy says she and her husband eat one meal a day, though she does drink black coffee in the morning and bulletproof coffee in the afternoon. Tammy and her husband eat a lot of steaks. Tammy shares she is lucky to live in Uraguay, where steak (and meat in general) is culturally a big part of mealtime and easy to come by.


She says she and her husband also eat eggs and cheese occasionally. Additionally, Tammy has been trying to eat fish at least once a week since she recently went through menopause.


Tammy regained her life back thanks to the Carnivore way of eating. Her story is a testament to the healing attainable through this lifestyle. Tammy is a walking miracle and is looking forward to continued recovery.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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