Larry healed back pain, anxiety, depression, gut issues and skin issues on carnivore diet

Larry’s parents are from Bosnia, and he says he grew up eating a relatively healthy diet. In Bosnia, many meals are centered around meat, organs, and potatoes. Larry says his diet changed to a more Standard American Diet as he got older. He ate a lot of pizza and Mcdonald’s, including cheeseburgers.


Larry says around the time he turned sixteen, he began to see a decline in his skin and developed vitiligo and psoriasis. He also started experiencing severe anxiety and pain in his gut. Larry’s issues continued for approximately two years until he discovered bodybuilding around the age of eighteen. Larry says he started following the standard bodybuilding diet, which included a lot of lean protein, such as chicken and turkey. After adopting the bodybuilding lifestyle and diet, Larry says he saw a lot of improvements in his overall health.


The Discovery of the Carnivore Diet

Larry says his bodybuilding diet “worked until it stopped working.” After four years of following the diet, Larry started developing severe pain in his back. Larry soon learned he had developed inflammation in his back. After learning about potential inflammation complications, Larry says he cut out pasteurized milk from his diet. Larry started drinking almond milk, but instead of the almond milk helping Larry, it only made his problems worse. Larry says he also began to notice he could almost guarantee he would be in pain after eating peanut butter.


Larry had seen Jordan Peterson’s interview on the Joe Rogan podcast a couple of years ago but decided to listen to it again after all the issues he was experiencing with his back. That day, Larry says he went to Safeway, bought a bunch of steaks, and jumped into the carnivore way of eating. Larry says he did experience some diarrhea for the first three days or so on the diet, but his body evened itself out.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet

Larry’s back pain was gone within a month of following the carnivore way of eating. His psoriasis also disappeared. Larry says he was shocked to find his vitiligo also stopped progressing. However, Larry feels the carnivore lifestyle, which includes spending more time in the sun and soaking up vitamin D, helped his vitiligo more than his meat-based diet.


Larry’s Hyper-Carnivore Lifestyle Today

Today Larry describes himself as a “hyper-carnivore.” He follows Dr. Paul Saladino’s current plan and says about seventy percent of his diet comes from animals, and thirty percent comes from non-toxic carbohydrates. Larry is only one week into his hyper-carnivore lifestyle and is still tweaking what works for him. However, he eats many steaks, organ meats, and in-season fruit like apples and raw honey. He also eats some potatoes and now drinks raw milk.


Larry’s Advice and Journey

Larry advises anyone wanting to start their carnivore journey to research nose-to-tail carnivore eating and follow Dr. Paul Saladino. He also says if you still struggle to find energy, try raw milk. Larry loves sharing his story online and has documented his journey on YouTube. He plans to continue tweaking what works for him but values the nutrition and health benefits he has been able to find since becoming a meat-based diet follower.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Larry healed back pain, anxiety, depression, gut issues and skin issues on carnivore diet”

  1. So happy to hear this testimony, because I feel almost exactly the same problems.
    Getting ready to join the carnivore journey!
    Thanks Larry, wish you the best!

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