Rob eliminated GERD, sleep apnoea (snoring), and nocturia on a Carnivore lifestyle

Rob has been in more control of his health since discovering the carnivore way of eating. Rob has what he describes as the standard health issues for someone creeping up in age before he found the carnivore diet. Rob says he struggled with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and nocturia– a condition that causes individuals to awaken multiple times a night to urinate. Rob also jokes he spent many nights getting elbowed by his wife for loud snoring.

Rob says his weight continued to go up year after year. He tried the standard diet of watching his calories and eating more fruits and vegetables. When Rob went to the doctor after trying the conventional diet, he found that he had not lost any weight, had gained weight, and was the heaviest his body had ever been.

Rob then tried the ketogenic diet for two years and had some success. He lost forty pounds without any exercise. Rob also experimented with fasting while following the keto diet and found it relatively easy. While following the keto diet, Rob found his hunger decreased, and he only required one meal daily.

Rob continued to struggle with GERD and other issues while on the keto diet, so he decided to try the carnivore diet. Rob says he jumped straight into eating the meat-based diet, and while he had some issues with his bowels initially, the problems eventually evened themselves out.

Rob says in addition to losing more weight, every issue Rob had been dealing with prior, from his GERD to his snoring, disappeared. Some surprising side effects have been his nails no longer break as they used to before finding the carnivore diet. Also, Rob was previously starting to go bald but has been able to retain the hair he has since starting his carnivore journey. Rob adds he is no longer hungry in the mornings, and his cravings for bread and pasta have disappeared. He even describes losing his desire to eat honey, a strong vise for Rob when he followed the keto diet.

Rob has been following the carnivore diet for two years and says, “I still feel great, so I keep going.” Today Rob eats two meals a day. He says he finds it harder to fast for longer while on the carnivore diet than when following the keto diet. Rob says he eats a lot of ground beef, t-bones, ribeye, strip loin, bacon, and eggs. Rob does say he mixes some cabbage into his ground beef to give it a little more texture, and it doesn’t seem to affect him, though he does plan to cut back.

Rob is thankful he has dramatically improved his health since discovering the carnivore way of eating. He describes feeling better now than he has for years and feels like the diet’s simplicity helps him keep going. Rob also feels the carnivore diet works best for his body, rather than the traditional diet advice he was given years ago. Rob says, “I feel way more in control of my health.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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