Larry has less inflammation and feels better than he ever has from a Carnivore lifestyle

Larry’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Larry’s diet prior to finding the carnivore way of eating included eating a lot of protein, sugar, and very little fat. Larry says he ate a lot of chicken and turkey breast, but he also ate a lot of processed foods. Larry has broken thirty-three bones in his body, twenty-eight of them from one single incident, and says he was in constant pain from joint stiffness and inflammation.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet on Larry’s Health


Larry’s job is somewhat physical, and he tried to work out often to keep himself in shape. One day he was at the gym having just finished an intense cardio workout, and a woman, whom he describes as “trim and fit,” asked him what diet he was following. Larry describes his eating habits to her and she replied, “oh, you need to try the carnivore diet.”


The Science Behind the Carnivore Diet


The single comment from a stranger sent Larry into a rabbit hole of research. Larry describes he began to research the diet and read Dr. Shawn Baker’s book “The Carnivore Diet.” Larry describes learning about sugar and all its harmful effects from Dr. Baker’s book. Larry says he went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of red meat. Initially, he planned to try the diet for one week. However, he felt so good after that first week he decided to extend his experiment to one month. Two and a half years later, Larry is still following the carnivore diet.


Larry’s Daily Eating Habits and Workout Routine


Larry says, “the longer I did the diet, the better I felt.” Larry lost twenty pounds in the first month of following the diet. He has since lost fifty pounds in total. Larry says the diet erased all of his joint pain and inflammation. He says, “to be forty-eight and feel as good as I do, it works for me.”


Larry says since he has started his carnivore lifestyle, he now lifts weights two times a week and has found building muscle to be much easier. Originally, Larry didn’t follow a specific eating window, but says two months into the diet, while on vacation, fell into following one meal a day. Larry says he eats two pounds of red meat a day, typically a steak, but sometimes will eat ground beef. Larry also says he drinks a lot of water and typically has a black coffee every morning. Larry eats cheese a few times a week and says his body seems to handle it well, but it isn’t something he has to have.


Larry’s Impact on Others and Advice for Beginners


Larry says his parents are older and have their own health issues but seem to be leery of his diet. However, they can’t deny the results Larry has achieved. Larry also says he has inspired several co-workers to try the diet, though no one seems to be as regimented as he is.


Larry’s advice to anyone wanting to try the carnivore way of eating is to “do your homework.” Larry suggests digging into the effects of sugar, as it was very eye-opening for him. Larry is grateful he has found such a simple way to eat and improve his overall health. He says, “it’s the easiest thing I’ve done for my health,” and “I don’t plan on changing anytime soon.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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