Sweta’s carnivore lifestyle reversed ulcerative colitis and got her off medication

Sweta’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet

Sweta is a mom of two and says her journey to the carnivore way of eating happened very slowly. Sweta was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a young adult. In 2006, she started following a low-carbohydrate diet, which transitioned to paleo, back to low-carb, before she settled into the ketogenic diet.


Finding Relief with a Meat-Based Diet

Sweta describes over the years, eating lower amounts of sugar helped her reach bouts of remission with her ulcerative colitis. However, she still had many flare-ups and could never go off her medications for the condition. Sweta also says the low-sugar diets and becoming sober in 2007 helped her with her carb and sugar addiction. However, she says she began to notice that items such as keto treats were still inhibiting her and causing her to continue to display addictive behavior.

Overcoming Sugar Cravings with Meat

In 2017, Sweta discovered that vegetables such as tomatoes seemed to flare her ulcerative colitis. She described her concerns to her doctor, who replied, “maybe you should just eat meat.” Sweta says her doctor probably didn’t realize it then, but his words inspired her to research eating a meat-based diet.


Sweta says after listening to her doctor’s advice, she adopted a more ketovore-type diet. Sweta also began following meat-based diet advocates on social media like the steak and butter gal, Dr. Fit and Fabulous, and Sweta’s favorite, Kelly Hogan. Sweta says Kelly Hogan’s story, in particular, resonated with her and inspired her to try the carnivore diet.


Benefits of the Carnivore Lifestyle

Sweta says she thought converting to a meat-based diet would be difficult, but she found it relatively easy. She says, “you can get meat anywhere,” and, “it was delicious!” Within just a few days on the diet, Sweta could feel a difference. Her moods stabilized, and she found a reduction in the anxiety she had been dealing with for years. Sweta says, “the sun seemed brighter.”


Sweta also experienced an improvement in her menstrual cycle cramps, but the best benefit overall has been what the carnivore diet has done for Sweta’s ulcerative colitis. Sweta has not had any flare-ups since starting the carnivore lifestyle, and she says her recent bloodwork revealed that the diet has wholly erased any markers that would indicate she ever had a problem. Her doctor even told her that her most recent colonoscopy was “pristine.”


The Supportive Carnivore Community

Sweta says she enjoys the carnivore lifestyle because she gets to eat ” all the meat.” She describes in the beginning that she struggled with some sugar cravings but has found that increasing the amount of meat she eats really helps with her cravings. Now she doesn’t crave sugar at all, just meat. Sweta enjoys ribeyes, seafood, eggs, chicken wings, and pork rinds– to name a few. Sweta says she also occasionally loves raw dairy and butter in her coffee.


Sweta is also thankful for the community she has gained around her in the carnivore world. She recognizes that many people in her life have helped her regain her health. Sweta has found a way of eating that works for her body, and she has no plans to ever dabble in any other diet again.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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