Matthew lost weight, gained more energy and no more back pain on a carnivore diet

Discovering the Carnivore Diet


Matthew had been struggling with depression and a lack of motivation. He heard about the carnivore diet through his uncle, who had faced similar struggles and decided to try it for himself. Together, they have had incredible success!


“My uncle was sharing the benefits of a carnivore diet that he was experiencing, and it sounded like something I could easily get involved with,” Matthew shares. “He had also suffered from depression and low energy, so I figured I had nothing to lose. It started as a more mental thing for me, but it’s actually turned into a more physical thing.”


Learning from the Carnivore Community


As he began his journey away from sugar, soda, and fast food, Matthew was encouraged by other people posting about their journey in various success stories. He visited carnivore community groups online to see what he could glean from others’ stories and advice.


“I haven’t slipped up or snuck in a cheat meal. I just set my mind to it, and this is what I’ll continue to do,” Matthew explains. “I still bounce ideas off my uncle, and he gives me great cooking suggestions.”


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


One of the first benefits Matthew experienced was an overall increase in energy and a lifted mood. “Suddenly, I was cleaning my house all the time and arriving to work an hour early, ready to start the day!”


With a job in sales, Matthew has to exude confidence, and a carnivore diet has made that easy for him. “Your confidence rises when you feel good about yourself, and I feel more confident in every situation. I have both the mental confidence I’ve always had and physical confidence now that I’m healthier and feeling good.”


Achieving Weight Loss


In just under a year of strictly following a meat-based diet, Matthew has gone from 232 pounds to 179 pounds. “The overall energy and mental clarity have been the biggest benefits, and the weight loss is another added bonus,” he shares. “I’ve been buying new clothes, and all my friends and family are noticing my results.”


While not everyone can fathom the idea of a carnivore diet, Matthew enjoys sharing his story and encouraging those who ask about it how simple and effective it has been for him.


The Simplicity of the Carnivore Diet


Matthew keeps his carnivore meals simple and delicious, often turning to his smoker for brisket or burgers on the grill. He incorporates intermittent fasting and limits his eating window from 11 AM to 7 PM. “It’s great! I eat about 2 pounds of meat daily, and I don’t crave other foods.”


He’s switched from sugary Monster energy drinks to coffee with heavy whipping cream or butter and drinks plenty of water. Grocery shopping is much easier now. “It’s amazing how much money I’ve saved!”


Encouraging Others to Try the Carnivore Diet


Matthew believes a carnivore diet is easy for anyone to implement. He recommends starting with bunless burgers and trading soda for water. Rather than view the diet as restrictive, he views it as eliminating foods the body doesn’t need. “It’s always great to see other people thriving on Carnivore. My job is to turn other people on to it so that they can get the benefits, too!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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