February 15, 2021

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Leah had a dream pregnancy and reduced systemic inflammation on a carnivore lifestyle

Leah’s Carnivore Journey   Leah has always enjoyed meat and mostly avoided sugar. She followed a ketogenic diet ten years ago after noticing she felt better when she limited carbohydrates.   She transitioned to a carnivore diet just over two years ago through a trial-and-error approach to food and paying attention to what her body needs. She’s enjoyed a healthy

Micki’s MS is in remission and her bowel issues are gone all with a carnivore diet

For 34 years, Micki suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS), which affected her balance, mobility, and cognitive function. Since implementing a low-carb diet and, more recently, following a carnivore diet, Micki is thrilled to report she is in complete remission! Anti-Inflammatory Diets and Their Impact on Autoimmune Conditions Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling autoimmune disease of the brain and

Mike lost weight, healed digestive issues and improved his mental health on a carnivore diet

Mike has had incredible results with his first year on a carnivore diet. He came for the fat loss and stayed for better digestion, improved moods, and mental clarity.   Mike’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet   As a private music teacher working late hours, Mike followed a standard carbohydrate diet and prioritized convenience foods over prepping meals at home.

Matthew lost weight, gained more energy and no more back pain on a carnivore diet

Discovering the Carnivore Diet   Matthew had been struggling with depression and a lack of motivation. He heard about the carnivore diet through his uncle, who had faced similar struggles and decided to try it for himself. Together, they have had incredible success!   “My uncle was sharing the benefits of a carnivore diet that he was experiencing, and it

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