Micki’s MS is in remission and her bowel issues are gone all with a carnivore diet

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For 34 years, Micki suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS), which affected her balance, mobility, and cognitive function. Since implementing a low-carb diet and, more recently, following a carnivore diet, Micki is thrilled to report she is in complete remission!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling autoimmune disease of the brain and spinal cord. The immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. Eventually, the disease can cause permanent damage or deterioration of the nerves.

While there is currently no cure for MS, a growing body of evidence supports that anti-inflammatory diets (like carnivore) may improve autoimmune conditions by eliminating foods that irritate the gut. Consuming nutrient-dense food like meat is less likely to perpetuate inflammation in the body.

“I first started the keto diet five years ago to lose 25 pounds,” Micki shares with Revero coach Brooke. “I lost the weight, and I noticed that removing grains and sugar helped me tremendously with my MS symptoms.” After three years, Micki felt “stuck” with consuming too many keto sweets and snacks. “I’ve always been a meat lover, so I decided to try carnivore.”

Micki’s choice to go animal-based certainly paid off! “My health improved dramatically!” she says. She recalls having to use a stool to take a shower; now, she can live an active lifestyle that her doctors never thought would be possible. “While my MS did improve on a ketogenic diet, I still needed to take steroids to manage my symptoms,” she notes. “Now that I’m eating just meat, I don’t need them anymore.”

Since she was already on a ketogenic diet, Micki had a smooth transition to carnivore. At first, she struggled to enjoy fattier cuts of meat. “My whole life, I had been conditioned to believe that fat was the enemy.” However, just a few months into her journey, she became fat-adapted and now regularly enjoys meat and the fat along with it.

Micki loves the simplicity of a carnivore diet and finds it fits her busy lifestyle. She has recently adopted the OMAD approach (one meal a day) and eats a large meal of beef and water. She also consumes coffee and eggs, but ground beef or a ribeye steak are her mainstays.

In addition to losing weight and putting her MS into remission, Micki has better digestion and less constipation. Removing vegetables and fiber from her diet has been the key to better bowel movements and regularity. With her immune system stronger, she believes battling Covid-19 was much easier, and she only had mild symptoms. Typically, patients with MS are considered at a higher risk for adverse effects from the disease, so this was another win for Micki.

Micki has a heart for those suffering from debilitating autoimmune diseases, and she believes that a carnivore diet could make a difference for those struggling. At 63 years old, she is as vibrant and healthy as ever. She provides a powerful message to those who express concern about giving up some of their favorite foods: “Wouldn’t you want to try anything for your health? Meat heals!


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