Mike lost weight, healed digestive issues and improved his mental health on a carnivore diet

Mike has had incredible results with his first year on a carnivore diet. He came for the fat loss and stayed for better digestion, improved moods, and mental clarity.


Mike’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


As a private music teacher working late hours, Mike followed a standard carbohydrate diet and prioritized convenience foods over prepping meals at home.


“My meals were all over the place, and I was into sweets, junk food, and drank a lot of beer.” Mike noticed his health was declining over the last ten years, so he sought a way to lose fat and get his energy back.


The Benefits of a Meat-Only Diet


“My wife was suffering from gestational diabetes after our daughter was born and was looking for ways to control her blood sugar,” Mike shares.


“One of her doctors turned us on to the idea of a low-carb way of eating because the other approaches she had tried made her health issues worse.” Based on this advice, they began to cut fried foods and other carbohydrates from their diet.



Mike watched Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and their experiences with a meat-only diet appealed to him. “I love meat, so I decided to give it a try,” he explains.


“The ketogenic approach worked for me, so I figured I would eliminate a few more foods and see how I felt.” Mike had an effortless transition to a carnivore lifestyle and was surprised at all the additional benefits he experienced.


Physical and Mental Changes Experienced by Mike


Mike noticed the physical changes first. He has lost his “beer belly” and no longer wakes up from severe heartburn in the middle of the night.


He enjoys steady energy throughout the day and requires less sleep than before. He’s also saved time on meal prep and eats less frequently. “I don’t have to worry about making salads and all these other side dishes. I find it simple and straightforward. Protein is at the center of every meal, and I just eat until I’m full.”


Since Mike’s always been a meat-lover, he looks forward to one or two big meals with a combination of bacon, pork belly, eggs, ground beef, or steak. These simple carnivore foods have improved his mental health as well.


“My moods used to fluctuate often based on my hunger or what time of the day it was,” Mike recalls. “Now, my mood is even throughout the day, and I no longer have big ups and downs. The mental clarity I have from carnivore has really helped with overall life balance!”


Mike’s Passion for Sharing his Story and Tips for Transitioning to a Meat-Based Diet


Mike finds it much easier at the gym to maintain fat loss and build muscle. He also utilizes home workouts and focuses on bodyweight exercises and strength training.


“The most surprising thing is how lean I’ve gotten in such a short amount of time.” When Mike returned to work after the pandemic, he laughed about how often colleagues and students didn’t recognize him based on how much weight he lost.


Mike is passionate about sharing his story with anyone who asks and has a great tip for those looking to transition to a meat-based diet.


“Start by eliminating sugar and seed oils, and work toward increasing more protein at the center of your meal.” He also recognizes this lifestyle gets easier over time. “The longer I do it, the more I enjoy carnivore!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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