Maria improved her moods, gained better athletic performance & cognitive function on a carnivore diet

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Maria is a competitive powerlifter who trains at an Olympic weightlifting gym. At 40, she is stronger than ever and thriving on a carnivore diet.

Maria started a ketogenic diet in 2015, and while she had great results, it didn’t get her as far as she had hoped. “The idea of avoiding plants sounded completely insane to me!” she recalls. “But I was intrigued by so many success stories with the carnivore diet. I decided to give it a try, and I was blown away by the results.

Maria was surprised at how quickly her body adapted to a carnivore lifestyle. “Within a week, I noticed a big difference in how I felt,” she shares with Revero coach Brooke. “On the ketogenic diet, even with all the fat I was eating, I still constantly craved something deep down inside. I ate plenty of calories but felt like something was missing. When I switched to carnivore, that completely disappeared!” Maria quickly found that a plate of bacon and eggs or a bowl of red meat and cheese without vegetables kept hunger cravings away for much longer.

It’s been a year since she made the switch, and Maria has enjoyed many benefits in and out of the gym. “My strength increased almost immediately,” she says. “While the ketogenic diet allowed me to run for a long time, the carnivore diet allows me to do a power sport without any issues.” Maria’s coach is quite pleased with her progress, and she enjoys being able to train up to five days in a row. “It’s not just my physical performance that has changed, but my cognitive performance is much better. I’m more focused now.” She no longer suffers from depression, which she has battled since high school.

Sleep is another factor that Maria credits to increasing both her physical and cognitive improvements. “I’ve struggled with insomnia for years,” she shares. “When I started a ketogenic diet, my sleep was slightly better, but it wasn’t until I switched to the carnivore diet that I started sleeping like a baby.” She no longer needs supplements or medication to help her get quality sleep, and that’s made a massive difference in her overall health.

Maria switched up her eating schedule and found that eating breakfast and dinner was better than waiting until the afternoon to eat her first meal. “I’m leaner now at 162 pounds once I stopped intermittent fasting and added breakfast back in.” She usually eats 4-6 eggs and ground pork for breakfast and has farm-fresh red meat, pork chops, or seafood for dinner. Maria prefers raw milk, cheese, and fermented kefir rather than traditional dairy and finds those are better for her digestion.

Maria is an active member of the Revero community and credits the support she’s found there with keeping her on track and motivated. She even has a few tips of her own. “Ask a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid of red meat! Eat nose-to-tail or take organ supplements, and don’t forget your salt.”

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