February 14, 2021

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Elliott healed hyperthyroidism, his rare auto immune disease, reduced medication on a carnivore diet

From Traditional Bodybuilding Diet to Carnivore Diet Elliott was a competitive bodybuilder for over 31 years, from the ages of 17 to 45, and continues to train in his fifties. Leaving behind a traditional bodybuilding diet for a carnivore diet has helped him surpass his fitness goals, recover from major spinal surgery, heal from hyperthyroidism, and resolve a lifelong autoimmune

Maykell healed bloating, constipation, anxiety, and panic attacks on a carnivore diet

Maykell has been following a carnivore diet for two years. In addition to improving his overall body composition, Maykell enjoys better digestion, steady energy, and freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.   The Struggle to Gain Muscle   Maykell was in generally good health when starting his carnivore journey and was mainly looking for the best way to gain muscle

Heather healed her joint pain, plantar fasciitis, increased energy, mental clarity on a carnivore diet

Heather’s Childhood Trauma and Unhealthy Eating Habits Like many others who follow a standard American diet, Heather describes her former self as being “metabolically broken.” She suffered from terrible post-partum autoimmune flare-ups, low energy, and brain fog. Since starting a carnivore diet three months ago, all of those issues have been resolved, and she feels like she’s gotten her life

Moira healed from anxiety and binge/emotional eating on a carnivore diet

Moira, a teacher from Australia, has successfully improved both her physical and mental health with a carnivore diet over the past year. At 35 years old, she enjoys abundant energy and can spend more time enjoying outdoor adventures with her kids.   Moira’s Struggles with Digestive Issues and Anxiety Two years ago, Moira struggled with digestive issues, including excess bloating.

New shopping habits to thrive by coach Kiki F

Shopping is Not What It Used to Be For many of us shopping and grocery shopping have changed a great deal since our childhood. Growing up in London and New York City, my family mostly shopped at small old fashioned proprietor owned shops, like the butcher, the green grocer, a bakery. Additionally we might visit specialty shops specific to a

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