Moira healed from anxiety and binge/emotional eating on a carnivore diet

Moira, a teacher from Australia, has successfully improved both her physical and mental health with a carnivore diet over the past year. At 35 years old, she enjoys abundant energy and can spend more time enjoying outdoor adventures with her kids.


Moira’s Struggles with Digestive Issues and Anxiety

Two years ago, Moira struggled with digestive issues, including excess bloating. She eliminated gluten, but the problems persisted. She worked out four times a week but was somehow steadily gaining weight. “Nothing I did made a difference!” she recalls. “I struggled with anxiety for years, and my brain would process everything all the time. Dealing with that and putting on the weight was taking over my life. I had to find out if a better way existed.”


Discovering the Carnivore Diet Philosophy

Moira followed the philosophical teachings of Dr. Jordan Peterson, and she was intrigued by his story of how he and his daughter, Mikhaila, healed from a carnivore diet. “Jordan shared how the diet had really helped his mental health. If there were a way for me not to be anxious all the time, I would be up for it!”


Moira’s Twelve-Week Experiment with Carnivore Diet

So Moira committed to eating only beef, water, salt, and tea for twelve weeks. “I just kept it very simple,” she shares. “I’m not big on counting things or weighing myself, so I just ate when I was hungry and noticed the weight started to come off quickly.”


Benefits of Carnivore Diet: Physical and Mental Health Improvements

Moira also noticed her anxiety suddenly went away, and she experienced a “silent mind” for the first time in years. “Normally, I would spend about 40 minutes every day processing all my conversations, what people thought of me, or something stupid I had said. But I found myself not worrying about anything, and I had no more anxiety. It was such a relief that my brain wasn’t overthinking all the time. Any other problems I had became negligible.” Moira also reports having had fewer bouts of trauma-related PTSD.


Moira’s Continued Commitment to Carnivore Diet

Over the last year, Moira has added a few more carnivore foods but still sticks to beef and lamb as her go-to meals, occasionally including bacon, eggs, and dairy. “I just listen to what my body wants, and I let it guide me,” she explains. “Before carnivore, I would listen to my cravings. But now I am in tune with fueling my body and eating what I actually need. It’s so powerful; it’s a wonderful thing to feel this way!”


Moira’s Renewed Physical Fitness and Energy

Physical fitness is still a big part of Moira’s routine. After about six months on a meat-based diet, she started running again every day and returned to her weight-lifting routine at the gym. “I feel like a teenager!” she says of her newfound vigor. “It’s fun to have all this energy at 35 and to be able to enjoy hiking and mountain climbing with my kids!”


Moira’s Amazing Physical Transformation and Advocacy for Carnivore Diet

All of Moira’s friends and family have noticed her amazing physical transformation. She’s gone from a size 16 to a size 6 in record time. “I’ll share it all the time because I only wish I had known about it sooner. Even if one person gives it a go and it changes their life, it is so worthwhile!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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