Elliott healed hyperthyroidism, his rare auto immune disease, reduced medication on a carnivore diet

From Traditional Bodybuilding Diet to Carnivore Diet

Elliott was a competitive bodybuilder for over 31 years, from the ages of 17 to 45, and continues to train in his fifties. Leaving behind a traditional bodybuilding diet for a carnivore diet has helped him surpass his fitness goals, recover from major spinal surgery, heal from hyperthyroidism, and resolve a lifelong autoimmune issue.


Overcoming Injury and Health Issues with Carnivore Diet

“I’ve always been stuck on the logic of a bodybuilder,” he shares. “I ate mostly rice, chicken, salad, potatoes and pasta.” After decades of competitive training, Elliott was sidelined with an injury that resulted in paralysis of his left arm and emergency surgery to fuse his spine. “I had 17 screws in my neck,” he recalls. “I had no feeling in my left hand, but thankfully that has started to come back now.”


How the Carnivore Diet Helped Elliott Achieve His Fitness Goals

Elliott says he felt sorry for himself, and started to snack on sugary and high-carb foods to help soothe his pain. “I was eating my emotions, and my weight began to go up.” Elliott reached his highest weight of 19 stone (266 pounds) and turned to his 21-year-old son for ideas on how he might lose weight during his recovery. “I suddenly had this light bulb moment. My son researched the carnivore diet and thought it might benefit my health.” Ellott had been taking medication for Grave’s disease (a form of hyperthyroidsm) and his son had read about how a carnivore had helped others with the same condition.


Elliott’s Journey to a Six-Pack Forever Movement

A year post-op, Elliott has finally been able to get back to his training schedule and hit the gym 5 or 6 days a week. For the last 48 days, he’s faithfully followed a meat-based diet except for one off-plan meal per week that includes a small amount of fruit. His mainstays are bacon and eggs for breakfast, pork sausages or chicken thighs for lunch, and a hearty steak with prawns or steak burgers for dinner. “It’s worked perfectly for me!” he says. “My strength is up in the gym, my energy levels are up, and I have sharper thinking. The carnivore diet is the opposite of everything I have ever believed in, but the proof is in the pudding!”


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet and Sustainability

That “pudding” is loaded with benefits! Elliott lost 42 pounds and 5 inches off his waist in his first 38 days on a carnivore diet and is completely off his hyperthyroid medication. “It’s just incredible! My trousers were falling off me!” He shares his “Journey to a Six-Pack Forever” movement with friends and followers and even helped his training partner achieve his own carnivore success story.


Elliott has a professional background in psychology and hypnosis, and is now better equipped to help his patients with mindset and motivation. “People typically start a diet because they’re in either psychological or physical pain,” he explains. “They start dieting, and after a while, they feel better. But the problem is pain was their motivator, and they get stuck in a cycle of serial dieting. Whereas with carnivore, it’s a lifestyle change that is more sustainable.”


Elliott has always been positive and shares that enthusiasm with friends and followers on social media. “I feel ALIVE!” he declares. “That’s how I sum it up to people in one word.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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