Tiffany overcame decades of food addiction on a carnivore diet

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I lost 130 lbs with a combination of intermittent fasting and low carb paleo eating. In January 2020 when I began experimenting with a carnivore diet, my goals were primarily for body recomposition as I needed to tighten loose skin and build muscle after going from 260 down to 130 lbs. (I am 5’8”)
I have had many more NSVs than that now that I have been exclusively carnivore for the last several months. 
-I wake before my alarm
– I have sustained energy throughout the day
– I’m now training for a marathon because my legs want to move 
– I’m almost never hungry and actually remind myself to eat
– I sleep more soundly and need less sleep overall
– I’m more productive because my thinking is sharp and clear 
– Body recomposition: I’ve lost 1” from my rib cage, 2” from my hips, and 3 1/2” from my waist
– Anxiety is gone
– Age spots are fading
– The most important NSV of all, sticking to a carnivore diet helped me overcome decades of sugar addiction and carb binges. 
Miscellaneous info – Shawn Baker’s carnivore book was my gateway to starting, and I joined meat rx for the 30 day trial January 2020. My full length before/after is 2015 to March 2020. The up close before/after is 2011 to 2020. The most recent before/after shows the difference when I made my most recent tweaks (increase fat/protein ratio and eliminate salt) The difference is from Thanksgiving day to December 18.

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5 thoughts on “Tiffany overcame decades of food addiction on a carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I’m starting (again) in the same place you were. I know that carnivore and fasting work, but I am held fast by those sugar/carb addictions. Knowing that it really can be done is encouraging. I would love to know more about that particular piece of your journey.
    You look amazing! Thanks.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Overcoming addiction is a physical and emotional process. Eliminating all carbs and eating a carnivore diet enabled me to eliminate the cravings and deal with the physical aspect, but I still had to overcome emotional binge eating.

      It took an honest look into myself to identify the triggers that set off the binges — multiple times. Overcoming addiction is not a one-time event. I failed many times along the way. Each failure taught me more about myself and gave me tools for the next time.

      I recommend the work of Dr. Vera Tarman and Dr, Robert Cywes for professional insight into the addiction component. They were both helpful for me.

      1. did you go to any on site programs to heal the food addiction piece? Or did you just get off carbs by yourself?
        I am having a hard time stopping the carbs and sugar and I know there are on site addiction programs for food addiction but I was hoping I could do it without that.

  2. Great job, Tiffany! Thank you so much for sharing – it is inspiring. You mentioned you switched to carnivore after losing 100 lbs on paleo, with the hope of tightening loose skin. Do you mind sharing if you were able to achieve this? I gained & lost about 150 lbs several years ago due to both an undiagnosed thyroid problem & stress eating & having to take a steroid didn’t help.

    I’ve gained back about 40 lbs in last few years unfortunately & am trying to lose it back now. I still have loose skin even after gaining 40 lbs & it was much worse when I was 40 lbs. lighter. I think probably I would need to have the skin surgically tightened because of how much there is/was/will likely be if I lose the weight back, but wondered since you lost 100 lbs how much the carnivore diet alone was able to tighten the loose skin. A surgeon I talked with a few years back said it brought him such fulfillment after performing the surgeries to see patients able to wear short sleeves without feeling self-conscious, that he understood how it affects people psychologically & in practical ways.

    Anyhow, if you don’t mind sharing your experience with carnivore skin tightening affects I’d appreciate it.

    Also am curious because you mentioned age spots have been fading since you went on carnivore. I’ve read about others who say since going carnivore they only tan & never burn, that apparently the tyrosine in meat has a sun protective affect on melanin. Have you noticed that it evened out your skin tone as well? I’ve developed dark sun spots on my face in last few years & cannot get rid of them. Trying to understand if the tyrosine actually evens out dark spots since you say your age spots have faded?

    Sorry for this long message. Thank you again for sharing your experience & congratulations on all you have achieved – you look great!

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