Bruce fixes migraines, psoriasis, environmental concerns on carnivore diet

Bruce’s Journey On The Carnivore Diet


Bruce is 45 years old and lives in England. He began a ketogenic diet 18 months ago and, after some encouraging improvements, shifted to the Carnivore Diet. Like many who have made the transition, Bruce discovered that moving away from leafy green vegetables helped heal gut issues like bloating and acid reflux.


Additionally, Bruce notes, “I no longer had a buildup of plaque on my teeth overnight, and no longer have problems with ear wax and blockage. Since shifting to mostly carnivore foods, I have lost all bloating from my stomach and have regular bowel movements for the first time in my adult life.”


Health Improvements From The Carnivore Diet


For some following the Carnivore Diet, completely eliminating dairy can bring on even more health improvements. “When I cut out dairy,” Bruce shares, “my psoriasis went away.” Bruce typically gets psoriasis flare-ups during the winter. He noticed that when he cuts out dairy, his psoriasis now clears up even during that season. “I’m so happy!”


High Cholesterol And The Carnivore Diet


High cholesterol is something Bruce has always had, even before starting the Carnivore Diet. Specifically, his LDL is high, which has caused some concern from his doctor, despite other markers being at optimal levels, including Bruce’s blood pressure.


For more information and a deeper dive into the impact and implications of cholesterol on the Carnivore Diet, check out this podcast from Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. William Cromwell.


Local Sourcing And Budgeting On The Carnivore Diet


Bruce does not take any supplements, and his diet consists mainly of beef, with pork belly and chicken on occasion. “I’ve found a good local supplier of beef, so I can get good prices that fit my budget.”


Many carnivore dieters report building good relationships with local butchers and farmers and can often get deals and special pricing based on the cuts they are interested in and what is available.


Simplifying Life With The Carnivore Diet


So, has the Carnivore Diet made life easier for Bruce? “I have had an amazing health improvement; I feel great!” Bruce continues. “I’ve got a more stable mood as well and, with all these things, improved on a carnivore diet (excluding dairy).


I love that it takes less time to prepare the food, so I’m using less energy, and it’s costing me less to cook the food that I enjoy. I spend less time shopping because I know exactly what I need to buy.”


Less Concern For Carbon Emissions With Local Sourcing


As another bonus, Bruce points out that there is less concern for carbon emissions since he shops locally and doesn’t depend on food to be shipped across the country or other parts of the world. “I’m eating meat from the local area or from the UK, so it produces far fewer problems than growing and transporting vegetables.”


Overall, Bruce has found more enjoyment and simplicity in his life since following the Carnivore Diet and has been able to do it all on a budget.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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