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Marcelo improved gut health, OCD, mental health, and skin on carnivore diet

Twenty-one-year-old Marcelo suffered from bothersome and often embarrassing symptoms from poor gut health, and also struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) from age 14.   From Vegan to Keto to Carnivore   Before he discovered the carnivore way of eating, Marcelo followed vegan and later a raw vegan diet, which resulted in horrible bloating, constant gas, and overall digestive distress.

Zak improves energy, sleep, skin, body composition, mood on carnivore diet

Unlimited endurance and insane energy are key benefits Zak received from following a carnivore diet. “I became like a superhero!” he shares with his followers on his YouTube channel. While following a carnivore for one month, his digestion issues cleared up quickly, in spite of what he read to the contrary posted by others on the internet about this way

Justin eliminated migraines on a carnivore diet

Relief from Migraine Headaches   For the past seven months, Justin has been following a carnivore lifestyle. Switching to a meat-based diet has allowed him to greatly reduce (if not completely eliminate) terrible migraine headaches from which he suffered over the last decade. “Anyone out there who’s ever suffered from migraines, you know how terrible and disrupting to your life

Hana improves mental health on a carnivore diet

Hana is a naturopathic physician working and living in the Hawaiian islands. Over the years, she’s struggled with carb and alcohol addiction, and faced mental health challenges related to bipolar disorder, depression, and ADHD. Now 38 years old, Hana has found success over the last two years following a meat-based diet. “I grew up as a vegetarian,” she shares. “but

Leri drastically improves mental clarity on carnivore diet

Embracing Ancestral Eating For Optimal Health   Leri was initially a skeptic when he first heard about the carnivore diet since it conflicted with what he thought he knew about cholesterol. After following the carnivore diet for a month and experiencing many positive changes to his health, his skepticism has turned to praise. “I’ve had no cons,” he reports. “I’ve

Bechelli improves arthritis on a carnivore diet

A Rude Awakening   For Bechelli, a severe and sudden attack of pain and swelling in her right hand rudely awakened her one morning. She could hardly move her hand. Perhaps all the arthritis in her body had moved into her hand, she thought. “It felt like somebody had smashed it with a brick”, she said. She used her left

Katja improves bipolar, ADHD, Aspergers, arthritis on carnivore diet

Traditional Treatment Methods Failed   Katja started the carnivore diet in December of 2018 and believes that it saved her life.   Her depression and anxiety levels had reached a severe level. She feared losing her job due to repeated long-term absences. She became a recluse and wasn’t able to leave her home. She disliked being around people or getting

Callan improved energy, dental health and muscle tone on carnivore diet

Transforming Health and Physique with the Carnivore Diet   It has long been said that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and for 23-year-old carnivore Callan, the old adage holds true! After just three months on a carnivore diet, Callan shares a number of positive changes to his health, both inward healing and outward improvements to his physique.   Surprising

Mandy solves chronic throat pain, regains singing voice through Carnivore Diet

Mandy’s Struggle With Throat Pain   Mandy is a professional musician and theater artist. During an intense rehearsal, she developed severe throat pain. It was painful for her to speak, but the pain wasn’t in her vocal cords.    It was at the top of her esophagus and felt like a throat infection. Over time, the pain got progressively worse

Debbie overcomes eating disorder through Carnivore Diet

Defeating Bulimia with a Carnivore Diet    At 54 years young, Debbie was bulimic most of her life from about age 19. She finally found food freedom starting with keto but would still have some bad days because, as she puts it, one can still overeat on keto snacks. She then moved to keto-carnivore, which helped her to cure 30-plus

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