Zak improves energy, sleep, skin, body composition, mood on carnivore diet

Unlimited endurance and insane energy are key benefits Zak received from following a carnivore diet. “I became like a superhero!” he shares with his followers on his YouTube channel. While following a carnivore for one month, his digestion issues cleared up quickly, in spite of what he read to the contrary posted by others on the internet about this way of eating. Zak’s transition to the carnivore diet was relatively easy, and he only experienced some tiredness during his first week.

“My energy levels were fantastic!” Zak shares. “I didn’t nap at all once I adapted to the carnivore diet. I would hop out of bed energized in the morning. That’s never happened in my life.” Zak also enjoyed improvement to his sleep,, and felt he got better quality of deep sleep than he ever had before. “I woke up well-rested for the first time in a long time. When I went to bed, I wasn’t exhausted, but I would fall asleep in ten minutes, rather than at least a half hour.”

Zak also noticed that his skin issues were markedly improved with patches of inflammation becoming noticeably better. “My skin cleared up because the inflammation in my body went down,” he notes. Looking back, he believes he may have seen even more improvement if he had avoided fish and olive oil, based on some advice from his current nutritionist.

Outwardly, Zak was encouraged by the change in his physique as a result of a diet much higher in protein. In just one month, he was able to put on more muscle and reduce body fat. This surprised Zak the most, because he previously had had a difficult time losing weight and building lean muscle.

Improved mental clarity is a common benefit shared by many who follow a carnivore diet, and Zak was no exception. “My mental clarity and my mood were the best they’ve ever been in my life,” he explains. “When my gut is messed up, my moods are messed up and my motivation goes down. On this diet, my motivation skyrocketed. I wanted to do whatever I could to move forward. This was definitely linked to the diet, because as soon as I started adding back other foods, I could see the difference in both my mental clarity and my motivation.”

Zak says he was also able to observe his own feelings and not get lost in them. “I felt like I had total control of everything.” He describes experiencing a powerful “inner body” energy. “My inner body was really powerful and I could feel it all the time, even without focusing on it.”

Overall, Zak reports being impressed by his month on a meat-based diet. He hasn’t completely resolved his autoimmune issues and joint pain, but the positive changes to his mental clarity, focus, mood, and motivation made it worth the endeavor. His goal is to help others learn and enjoy the same benefits and to help them on their health journey.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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