Callan improved energy, dental health and muscle tone on carnivore diet

Transforming Health and Physique with the Carnivore Diet


It has long been said that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and for 23-year-old carnivore Callan, the old adage holds true! After just three months on a carnivore diet, Callan shares a number of positive changes to his health, both inward healing and outward improvements to his physique.


Surprising Healing Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


“In the picture where I look heavier, I was following a paleo diet and eating one meal a day but continuing to gain weight,” Callan shares. “In the picture where I am leaner, I am eating carnivore meals as frequently as I feel like, and I don’t have to track what I eat. For the first time in my life, I trust my appetite and there are no issues.”


Callan says he has tried many diets over the years, and started his carnivore journey with no major health issues. However, as he progressed through his first three months, he was surprised to be healing from issues he hadn’t realized were present until they went away.


“My minor acne has disappeared, and my breath no longer smells bad.” Callan shares that he didn’t even realize how severely his gums were inflamed until they cleared up once he was following a carnivore diet. Bad breath is often caused by gum inflammation, and can be an early warning sign of gum diseases like gingivitis.


Reaping the Rewards of Joint Inflammation Relief


“In addition to my gums healing, my joint inflammation has completely gone away throughout my body.” This improvement has allowed Callan to work out more regularly and train harder at the gym. Many who follow a carnivore diet report significant improvements to their recovery time after an intense workout.


“It’s easier than ever to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously,” Callan explains. “I’ve become faster and stronger in the gym, and I am able to work out with more intensity than I used to.”


Grass-Fed Red Meat: The Key to Optimal Results


For variety and based on what’s available to him, Callan’s diet includes eggs, kangaroo, sardines, and grain-fed beef. However, he notes that “the best results I’ve seen on the carnivore diet have come from eating grass-fed red meat exclusively.”


Initially, Callan included dairy and butter in his diet, but found that he still had lingering joint pain. “When I cut butter and dairy out of my diet, my very severe knee pain disappeared within 48 hours,” he shares in his testimonial.


Eliminating Dairy for Joint Pain Relief


In terms of inward changes, Callan has enjoyed more stable and consistent energy throughout the day, and finds that he needs even less sleep than he did before to feel refreshed.


“I have a consistent calm and happy mood throughout the entire day, which I attribute to not having any sugar.” Many people following a standard American diet may not realize that insulin spikes from sugar. High-carb foods can increase irritability and in some cases, cause mood swings.


Enhanced Workout Performance on the Carnivore Diet


As a final observation comparing his before and after photos, Callan believes that his hair has grown in darker and fuller since he began his carnivore journey.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Callan. I like how you say to follow your appetite. I’ll definitely try that. I thought the OMAD was right for me, but it’s not. Thanks for the tip!

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